Writing contest: legit online writing contest

Writing contest: legit online writing contest

If you’re a talented writer who wants to show the world what you’ve got, there are various online writing contests in which you can compete and earn a prize.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to learn more about these websites. Today, I’ll show you the genuine ones.

Online writing competitions are a fun way to hone your skills as a writer. Yes, the financial prize is good, but the recognition you get for writing something exceptional is even better.

Are writing Contests Legit?

Some online writing competitions do demand a nominal entrance fee. Still, most times when you’re asked to pay a price, it’s a fraud, so stay away from online writing contests that need you to pay a cost.

A complete list of online writing competitions


Inkitt https://www.inkitt.com/short-story-conteSt provide authors and writers with the opportunity to win cash prizes of up to $300, promotional packages, and exclusive book badges while promoting their works to Inkitt’s over a million users.

2. Graywolf Press Nonfiction

In the realm of creative writing, this is a well-known tiny press. In addition, Graywolf Press (https://www.graywolfpress.org/about-us/submissions) is known to run several online writing competitions for both established and emerging authors.

Graywolf also awards short fiction and nonfiction prizes, with the majority of categories changing each year.

3. The Press 53-word story Online writing contest

Press 53 https://www.press53.com/53word-story-contest is free and entertaining, and the winner is reported to receive a free book from Press 53! There is no entry cost, and it is accessible to all writers.

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