How to get medical internship placement

How to get internship placement as a medical graduate

As a medical graduate who has completed the necessary courses in the field in an accredited university and course of learning, to secure internship placement in a Nigeria hospital is not an easy task that one has to just take it like that, you have to fight for it, for some people, the just grace they got it on their first interview, for others, its war even after the tenth interview and exams, they have not secured internship placement anywhere.

Here are a few points you need to know about this internship placement

First is that very few hospitals give internship placement on merit, which means the chances of securing an internship in a Nigerian hospital are limited if you are depending basically on merit.

Secondly, hospitals that give on merit most times pay less and take fewer candidates for the internship program which toughens the struggle of internships in Nigerian hospitals.

Lastly, you should know that most hospitals that take a lot of internship students always give slots to their staff in the hospitals who in turn sell them off to interested buyers or family or friends.

Now here are a few guidelines on how to secure internship placement easily after school.

Make up your mind to get an internship and go for it, even if you don’t know anybody, start meeting people, and asking questions, until you meet a reliable helper who can help you secure it.

Save money that you will use to settle agents that will give you placement, some slots are made available by the hospital staff who needs money in exchange for the slot or chance of internship.

Borrow money and pay to secure an internship, and if possible sell property to secure your internship and move on with your educational and vocational career. Not traveling all states going for interviews when you can easily secure one with two major moves.

last but most important; is meeting the right source, we all know we have fraudsters who imbibe in fraudulent activity in different institutions, so one has to be very careful on who he or she is paying to or better still exchange some valuable in place of cash payment because many people have been scammed when I say many, many people have been scammed in this struggle for internship and it’s not funny!

With these few points, please endeavor to do the right things to secure your internship placement and move on with your life and career. Thanks so much for reading, you can share if you don’t mind or drop a comment in the comment section!

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