How To Make Money Online in Nigeria 2023

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria 2023

We are presently in a digital world, whereby the best and surest way to make money is from the internet. Many people roam about on the street seeking jobs, whereby it’s apparently possible to make money from the comfort of your home. And guess what? You can make millions with your smartphone or laptop. Ask Chinedu Okorafor, he made a million naira just in a month from affiliate marketing. Are you ready to make such money online? Then count yourself lucky to have come across this piece of article on “How to make money online”

Furthermore, the rate of unemployment in some parts of the world is quite high, and unemployment won’t be taken as an excuse for stealing anywhere. It’s time to help yourself, by learning how to make money online.

You don’t need to be skilled or have a degree before you can make money online, all you need is intelligence, patience, and learning from others. There are numerous ways by which you can make money online, kindly check out the one that will be suitable for you.

Affiliate Marketing

The sky will be your limit if you can divert all the strength you are using to seek jobs into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the surest and fastest ways how to make money online.

You may be wondering what affiliate marketing is, affiliate marketing, is marketing goods for woo commerce. This may look quite hard for you, but it’s very easy if you can follow our guide here.

As an affiliate marketer, your major job is to look for a particular product you will like to market, write a short and catchy description about it, include the link to the product in your article, then post it on your blog and social media. Once people buy from the link posted, you will earn a commission for it. There is no limit to the amount you can make daily checkout the amount Neil Patel, a popular digital marketer makes daily from affiliate marketing

How To Start Affiliate Marketing.

You can simply start affiliate marketing with zero capital. However, one thing is important, you need to choose your niche, the particular category you will like to focus on.

Furthermore, this is where many people get discouraged, as they won’t want to embark on a nonprofitable niche. There is no lie that some niches are more profitable than others. In this case, do your research and embark on a niche that you have little knowledge about, and as well profitable.

After choosing your niche, you need to choose the affiliate company you will work with. Some will require that you meet some criteria before they approve your request while some will approve you, companies like Amazon, will require that you make up to 3 sales before you will be qualified for the program. Here are some affiliate platforms you can apply to.

  • Clickbank
  • Amazon
  • Jumia
  • Konga
  • Awin
  • Share4sale
  • eBay
  • CJ affiliate marketing
  • Rakuten Marketing (Formerly LinkShare)
  • Avangate affiliate marketing

 You can apply for any of the above affiliate networks. Learn how to promote your affiliate links to make more sales, and always endeavor to post on your social media handle.

Write Ebooks

For those that have exceptional talent in writing, it’s a pretty good way to make money online. If you can write fictions stories or motivational stories, you can make money from them by converting them to ebooks and start selling them online

A good way to minimize your ebooks is via Amazon.   You can place your ebooks there, and you place a fixed amount on them. Amazon will earn a little commission from each book you sell while you take the largest share.

Start monetizing your talent, go to Amazon and read their terms and conditions on how to publish ebooks on their site.

Become A freelancer

This is for people who derive pleasure in writing. You can make a good amount of money from it.

How to make money as a freelancer

  • Reach out to bloggers: Reach out to bloggers and tell them what you can write best on, if they find your content good enough they will hire you.
  • Write for Opera Mini: Writing for opera mini is like owning a blog, you get paid to let the number of views you have per article. Opera has over 350 million users, so you are sure to make a good amount of money if you can write good and engaging content. Go to Opera to sign up now.

Start blogging

There is no doubt that there is money in blogging. Having a blog is like having your own company because you will be in charge of the revenue of the money you are generating.

Also, if you are good at writing you will find blogging a pleasure, while you also make money from it. However, if you are not very competent at writing, you can hire content writers.

The major way many bloggers monetize their blogs is via affiliate marketing. But the good news here is, from what you have learned here, you will be able to make money in two ways on your blog. Which is via affiliate marketing and AdSense.

How To Start Blogging

To start a blog, you need to first choose the category you will be focusing on which is known as a niche.

Write good and engaging contents that are fully SEO optimized. After a month of uploading quality content on your site, you can then apply for Adsense to monetize your content.

The above-mentioned ways how to make money online, are the easiest ways to make money online.

However, bear in mind that it will take time, before you start seeing the desirable result, on the path you choose to make money online. So don’t feel discouraged if you do not make any money in your first or 2 months of starting.

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