This is a real review and I have to be real to you and at the same time very technical, keep your greed aside because if you do not, you will end up making someone else rich.

we have made a whole lot of reviews on some scams, like pennywisemanagment, which ended up to be a scam as we said in our analysis, keep aside what eve they told you because it will always be sweet in the beginning.

Now let’s get to the review in detail, pay attention

What is MBA Trading

MBA Trading and Capital Investment is a Forex training and investment company. It offers training lessons for you to learn how to trade foreign exchange markets.

But the main offering revolves around plans which supposedly will bring you up to a 15% monthly return on your investment.

The minimum deposit with MBA Trading is 1000 USD. A serious amount of money, open your eye.

MBA Trading and Capital Investment Ltd. is a Nigerian company headquartered in Abuja and with alleged offices in different states, and it also claimed it has an office in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

Is MBA Trading legit?

No, MBA Trading is not legit. Since it is offering investment services, it needs a valid license in every country it is targeting.

As such, our research shows that MBA Trading is not licensed anywhere. We found no trace of MBA Trading in the register of the Financial Services Regulation Coordinating Committee of Nigeria nor in the register of the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (see our picture).

MBA claims it’s registered with CAC, but that is not a factor that shows how legit it can be, any one can register any business with the CAC.

They also claimed that they are registered with the CBN, and that is a complete lie, since there is no provided license number in the MBA website and no result in the CBN database that proves this

MBA Trading claims to have offices in both those countries, so it needs to be authorized in both countries by their respective financial regulator. And it is not, therefore it is not a legitimate investment service. In fact, it is outright illegal.

Download any of the pictures, zoom in very well and read.

Not regulated

The MBA Trading scam

During our review, we came to the conclusion that MBA Trading is a scam. Here is why.

Fake guarantee

MBA Trading claims that your investment will be guaranteed and that there is no risk. This is a lie. There is no such thing as risk-free financial investing. Investing is always risky, you can make but also lose money, especially on Forex.

We can safely say that any financial investment portrayed as guaranteed and risk-free is a scam, there just is no other possibility.

A serious and legit investment service will always emphasize that investing is risky and that you have to be prepared to lose money because things can always go wrong.

Fake guarantee

Unrealistic returns

MBA Trading is promising 15% monthly returns. We know it might not sound as much, but it is. In Forex and another financial trading, 15% per month is a lot. If it wasn’t, your average bank would be offering similar returns.

In fact, any company consistently achieving 15% per month in investing would be among the best in the world and you can be sure that all the Wall Street magazines would be publishing articles about it. Yet, MBA Trading is largely unknown in the world of trading.

A legit company would provide proof about its earnings such as audited trading results. MBA Trading provides nothing, it just implicitly claims that it outperforms the best investment firms in the world.

Sometimes you can have months with 15% or higher returns, but you can be sure that you will never be able to achieve this number every month.

MBA Trading scam

Lies about regulation

As we have already established, MBA Trading is not regulated, which makes it an illegal investment service.

But that’s not all. Because MBA Trading claims that it is regulated by “various regulatory bodies”. So, it is actively lying on its website, therefore it is a scam. There is no other way around it.

How MBA Trading works

There are people saying that they are getting paid by MBA Trading, which means that MBA Trading is running a Ponzi scheme.

This means that it is not investing, it is not trading financial markets, it is just collecting money from people and giving it to others. Newer deposits are used to pay out older profits. That’s how Ponzi schemes operate.

Ponzi schemes always crash in the end because they always run out of money, since the whole concept is an unsustainable scam. No real values are created, no profits are achieved, just an illegal and dirty game is played with money.

Don’t even think about participating in such an illegal scheme? First, it could crash right after your deposit and you would lose everything. Second, even if you manage to pull some profits out of MBA Trading, it will be money that somebody else had to lose in that scam.

MBA Trading review – the conclusion

MBA Trading is a scam. It is lying about its regulatory status, it is an illegal investment service and a Ponzi scheme that is doomed to crash. Stay away from it.

If you are interested in financial trading, use only regulated companies that have a valid license in your country.

You have to practice, learn to trade, and understand the risks before investing real money. Be sure to use only the money you can afford to lose.

re investing real money. Be sure to use only the money you can afford to lose.


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