Wazobia investment is a SCAM

Wazobia investment is a SCAM

I have written many posts about wazobia which include their reviews, about it crashing which you can find here. Out of all these posts I made, i later got a deep understanding of what the investment scheme is all about. A Scam!

Yes, I have a confirmed source from port Harcourt Nigeria who claims he is a friend to the said team of admins who constantly buys cars from the money they make from wazobia.

He also claim that they have made so much money from peoples investments that they might not go broke ever again.

He claims that the team of admins are all based in port Harcourt with only few outside the country who is in charge of the web development and strategies.

These people merge the investment to themselves and leaves the community of investors at risk of loosing all there money.

But of cause, they stated it in there terms and conditions which specifically states that you can not hold them accountable for any lose of fund.

Sorry for your loses. Forget wazobia investment. Get and invest in a physical business.

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