Wazobia cash investment crashed? A must read

Wazobia cash investment crashed?

Hello, if you are reading this.. It means you are seeking information to know if Wazobia cash investment has crashed. I know you have a lot of complains and many others have complains too, which i have witnessed in their telegram page.

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Hey, i am not here to scare you, but will definitely tell you the truth. If you have requested to withdraw and you are not merged, it means some factors could result to it.

First is, May be your account needs upgrade. Which needs you to contact your guider.
Secondly, if you’re sure you have upgraded and have no issues in your account. You can cancel the request you made and request again for withdrawal.

Have you exercise enough patient, if you have then and still was not merged to receive your investment.

Aside this two things mentioned above, if you have done it all and still have not been merged after some days, then, that brings us to the main question.

Has wazobia crashed? Is wazobia about to crash?

Well, how can we know that. How can we be sure of that?

In a ponz.i scheme like this, people get paid when others opts to invest, so what really happens when NO new investments are made??

Will it collapse the system? Of cause, it will.. What were you expecting? In my Review of wazobia i made which you can find here.

I warned about the risks, and i also stated that their terms and conditions which specifically states that you can not hold them accountable for any loose of funds, because you are expected to do it with your spare cash.

But we have to be very positive, because i know many have double investments in the system. I know probably before you get stocked in withdrawing, you must have made a re-commitment.

Apparently, we all have to be patient and be positive as we hope our cash comes back, and then we can be more careful.

Thanks so much for reading, if you have a question, ask in the comment section i can help you with any difficulty.


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