How to prevent being hacked

How to prevent being hacked


It is the reason why we here in this group discourage forwarding links that promise heaven on earth.

I will use layman’s language to drive the point home.

Phishing is *first level hacking* performed by amateur hackers who haven’t yet gained the skills of forcing themselves into people’s accounts using brute-force methods.

So, because they can’t access your personal data by force, *you yourself will help them to attack you and your personal data by surrendering your data to them voluntarily but ignorantly.*


1. A scammer creates a personal private webpage he/she uses to collect the personal details and data of his/her victims. The fake webpage can imitate a real and known webpage and it’s hard for the unsuspecting victim to tell.

2. Next, he/she fakes some promotion promising free things like internet data, money, gift prizes, etc. You are made to believe that you can claim these goodies by clicking on a random link contained in the fake advert.

3. Once you click on the random link, you may be requested to enter your personal details in order to claim your prize.

4. Then you are told that it will be affected when you forward the advert to a specified number of groups etc (so that you can help recruit others into being duped, just like yourself).

5. Afterwards, the whole process just ends abruptly without you getting your prize and it may be attributed to things like poor internet connectivity or you just keep getting redirected to other useless web pages till you give up.

6. Nevertheless, the scammer has achieved his objective, he has your personal data _and sometimes even has access to your device_

Usually, the link you followed automatically installs a bot or spyware on your device – spyware manually overrides your face-cam and mic and every time you are online, your own phone will be transmitting a live video of you and your mic will be recording your voice.


Remember most of your online accounts are registered with your email!

*He/She can begin attempting to access your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PayPal, etc.*

Or he/she could sell your details to someone who needs to use them.

safe. *Avoid forwarding random links to people or groups, and definitely avoid clicking on them*!

There are no free things!

How can you be fooled into believing that sharing a certain message can instantly recharge your phone to 100%?

Don’t be duped, be wise and be safe. Thank you!

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