Npower Website Hacked

Npower Website Hacked

Please if you have not applied for the Npower program yet, please take a pause as it seems the website has been hijacked/hacked and not safe for now.

we will update this post once progress is made to restore the site.

It has gotten to our notice that the Npower program has been hijacked by hackers who has also infiltrated the submitted BVN of the candidates who innocently applied for the program.

This was officially made know on the twitter from the handle of the official npower twitter handle advising candidate that applied for the program not to give out any of their details including OTP, one time pass code to any stranger masking as the Npower coordinators.

tweet below


npower tweet

This strange and sad at the same time as the official Npower program hosted by the minister of the fed republic of Nigeria is being hacked, ignoring all security measure while setting up a site that requires bank verification number.

we all hope nothing bad  happens to the money i most of the thousands of Nigerians who has already applied. we will update this post on the progress. stay safe. thanks, please share to stop people from applying now

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