Free Resume Maker: Create Your Own with Online Template

Free Resume Maker: Create Your Own with Online Template

Creating a resume or CV is not easy and so if you want to make a professional CV for the application, then you need the best tool that can help you in making a top-quality and attractive personal resume. Resume builders or maker tools are easily available on the web today but before we tell you about the best resume-maker tools we want you to get the hang of the points with the assistance of which you can make a CV using a resume-maker tool!

  • First, you have to find out the best resume-maker tool on the internet. There are more than hundreds of resume-maker tools on the internet, but not all of them are free and easy to use. The resume makers mentioned below are of good repute. 
  • You must have your material ready to make a CV. You must have your documents in hand for which you have to add information in the resume. You must also keep in mind the position you are applying for. 
  • Use the features offered by the resume maker tools so that you can put information in the right space and in the right way.
  • Always scan your resume to make sure it is well-optimized in every aspect before you submit it!

Professional Resume Builder by SmallSEOTools

The professional resume builder by SmallSeoTools is the best online tool that belongs to the design studio which is home to the most high-quality services available on the internet. This online resume maker is very easy to use, and you don’t need any skills to make a CV with it. You have to open this Free Resume Builder on your browser and click on the button, ‘Choose Template Design’! 

You will be directed to another tab where you would be given three template options, including simple, professional and photo! When you choose your desired category, you will be provided tons of free template designs that you can select from. After selecting the template, you can easily edit the template in the dashboard of the design studio. You can create a professional resume in less than a few minutes with this online utility!

Cake resume

Cake resume is another online tool that can help you in making a CV in quite an easy way. As the name of the tool tells us the use of it is quite simple as a cake, and you do not need any experience to run it down. You can create public profiles with this resume maker tool and enjoy many other features of this tool without any complications. This online resume maker comes with both basic free and paid versions; you can link to the one that suits you the most. If you want to create simple resumes for jobs, then the basic package would be enough for you, and you don’t need to get into the paid program!

Resume Genius

As the name of this online tool tells us, it has great expertise in building good-quality resumes. This online tool uses very advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to create designated templates for you and your preferences. You must know that the resume builder seeks a series of questions from the user related to their job preferences and their experiences, and based on the answers, it gives you a very professional-looking template design. You can use many features of this tool to create an intriguing CV. You can add bullet points in the CV for creating custom job responsibilities which are known to be a good feature of this utility!


This resume is not as simple as the previous ones on our list, but you must know that this is a free resume maker, and you don’t need any skills or experience to use it. This resume maker also has a complete set of template designs and different color schemes that you can choose from. This is among the fastest resume-maker tools available online, and this is why it is on our list today. You can not only make resumes with this online cv maker tool, but you can also share its virtual version with different employers using mailing tools. You do not have to go through registrations or relative stuff to use this program!

All of the above-mentioned online resume-maker tools are fabulous in their work and can provide you with quality results. If you are not finding a job lately, then it means that you need an intriguing CV and this can only be made if you take help from these modern tools. You must try the design studio tools by smallseotools as they can provide you with a lot of quality services and that too for free!

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