UK Health and Care visa Requirements

UK Health and Care visa Requirements

This is the requirements of the uk health and care visa being mentioned in our last posts about uk health and care visa launching this august for nigerians

UK Health and Care visa Requirements Eligibility

You need to:

  • be a qualified doctor, nurse, health professional or adult social care professional
  • have a valid certificate of sponsorship for your job
  • show you’re being paid an appropriate salary for your job
  • prove your knowledge of English
  • have personal savings so you can support yourself when you arrive in the UK
  • show you can travel and your travel history over the last 5 years
  • have tuberculosis test results if you’re from a listed country
  • provide a criminal record certificate from any country you’ve lived in for 12 months or more in the last 10 years, if you’ll be working with vulnerable people

You can apply for a (Health and Care) visa if:

you have a job offer from the NHS, National health service or, an organisation providing medical services to the NHS or an organisation providing adult social care

  1. you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland
  2. your sponsor has told you that you are eligible for it
  3. You must be a qualified:
  • doctor
  • nurse
  • health professional
  • adult social care professional

Personal savings

  • If you have a fully approved sponsor, they must be able to give you at least £945 to cover your costs for a month if you need it.
  • If your sponsor is not A-rated, you must have £945 in your bank account for 90 days before you apply. This is to prove you can support yourself.

Getting sponsored

You need to be employed by a licensed sponsor to apply to live in the UK.

Your sponsor checks that you can do the job they’re hiring you for and if it qualifies you for a visa. They’ll assign you a certificate of sponsorship to prove this.

They must also give you other information you need when you apply, for example how much you’ll be paid.

Knowledge of English

You may need to prove your knowledge of the English language when you apply.

You can prove your knowledge of English by either:

  • passing an approved English language test with at least CEFR level B1 in reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • having an academic qualification that was taught in English and is recognised by UK NARIC as being equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD
  • You may be able to meet the English language requirement in other ways or need a higher level of English in some circumstances. Check the full visa guidance for detailed information.

Documents you must provide

When you apply you’ll need to provide:

  • your certificate of sponsorship reference number
  • proof of your knowledge of English
  • a bank or building society statement or letter that shows you have enough personal savings (unless your certificate of sponsorship shows your sponsor can support you)
  • a current passport or travel document to prove you can travel – you need a blank page in your passport for your visa
  • expired passports or travel documents if you need them to show your travel history
  • your tuberculosis test results if you’re from a listed country
  • a criminal record certificate – if you’re working with vulnerable people
  • If your documents are not in English or Welsh you’ll also need to provide a certified translation.

Read the guide for a list of documents you can provide.

You may need to provide additional documents depending on your circumstances.

Criminal record certificate

You’ll need to provide a criminal record certificate if you work in:

  • education, for example teachers, education advisers and school inspectors
  • healthcare, for example nurses, doctors, managers, pharmacists, dentists, ophthalmic opticians therapy, for example psychologists, speech and language therapists
  • social services, for example social workers, managers, probation officers
  • Check the full list of professions that need to get a certificate.
  • You’ll need a certificate from any country you’ve stayed in for a total of 12 months or more over the last 10 years.

You will not need to prove your knowledge of English if you’re a national of one of the following countries:

Antigua and Barbuda
the Bahamas
New Zealand
St Kitts and Nevis
St Lucia
St Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
You also may not have to prove your knowledge of English in other circumstances – check the visa guidance.

uk health and care visa Fees

  • A visa for up to 3 years costs £232.
  • A visa for more than 3 years costs £464.
  • The fee is the same whether you apply from inside or outside the UK.
  • Your dependants will also pay the same amount.

If you’re a citizen of Turkey or Macedonia a visa for up to 3 years costs £177 and a visa for more than 3 years costs £409.

Apply outside the UK

Apply for a Tier 2 (General) visa. You’ll be asked if you’re eligible for the Health and Care option later in your application.

  • You must apply online for this visa.
  • You’ll need to have your fingerprints and photograph taken at a visa application centre (to get a biometric residence permit) as part of your application.
  • You’ll have to collect your biometric residence permit within 10 days of when you said you’d arrive in the UK.
  • Find out how to get your visa decision faster – this depends on what country you’re in. Check if your visa application centre offers faster decisions and other services.

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