Health care Visa for medicals in the UK

Health care Visa for medicals in the UK

Opportunities in the UK

We are working on behalf of an Agency in the UK seeking experienced people in any of these fields of study and profession:

2112: biological scientists and biochemists
2211: medical practitioners
2212: psychologists
2213: pharmacists
2214: ophthalmic opticians
2215: dental practitioners
2217: medical radiographers
2221: physiotherapists
2222: occupational therapists

2231: nurses
2232: midwives
2442: social workers
3111: laboratory technicians
3216: dispensing opticians
3217: pharmaceutical technicians
3218: medical and dental technicians
6141: nursing auxiliaries and assistants
6143: dental nurses
6146: senior care workers

All CVs received will pass through preliminary screening prior to being submitted to recruiting facilities in the UK for consideration. Should we find your CV interesting/impressive, we will contact you within 5 days of receipt of your CV for initial screening and additional information.

This service is 100% FREE to the candidates as no payment is required. When placement is secured with employers, the candidate will be required to pay the necessary immigration costs to the relevant authorities.

CVs should be sent to

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