Modifications To Be Made In Strategy In Accordance With The COVID-19

Modifications To Be Made In Strategy In Accordance With The COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has shattered the global economy to a vast extent. Since people cannot head out of their homes, the functioning of the businesses of all verticals has come to a standstill across many countries. However, few countries have vaccinated the majority of the population, due to which normalcy is getting restored gradually. This unprecedented happening has left a significant impact on both B2C and B2B businesses. Hence, marketers have to modify their strategy according to the current scenario. In this article, we will show the modifications that marketers have to make in their marketing strategy in accordance with these challenging times. 

Empathy Plays A Key Role:

Globally, people are collectively undergoing tough times. People have lost their jobs and are having pay cuts due to the pandemic. They are also having huge stress since they have to stay within their homes due to the imposition of lockdown. Hence, brands should understand the thought process of the people and come with content accordingly. Being too sales during this time will not be the right move. For instance, if you have considerable followers for your social media page, you can post a blog on staying calm and coping with this challenging situation. You can share tips on how to stay motivated and get rid of negative thoughts. You can also go live on your social media with a psychologist and ask your audience to consult regarding the stress and emotional outburst they undergo.

The measures that are given above are in no way related to your brand. But, such moves will uplift your brand image and earn a good name for you. Your brand will get into the people’s good books, which is the most crucial aspect to sustain in the business for a longer period. So, empathize and back your audience. Buy TikTok likes is a remarkable digital marketing service that helps you craft successful strategies. 

Rebuild Your Customer Database:

The pandemic outbreak has brought a massive change in people’s purchasing power. People are so cautious about the money they spend during these uncertain times. A person who has been your valuable customer and makes frequent purchases from you may have lost his job and underwent a downfall economically. Hence, this is why we stress you not to craft your strategies based on your past database. Instead, initiate a conversation with your customers else post polls on the stories section of Facebook or Instagram. Such moves will enable you to find where they stand in your sales funnel. For instance, you can launch a poll asking your customers about how many of them are excited about a new product launch. If the response is not up to the expectations, you can come to the conclusion that your potential customers have decreased. 

Emails are also the best tool to gain opinions from your prospects. Many marketers are discarding emails in their marketing strategy. But emails possess impressive open rates. People are more responsive to emails than they are on any other digital channel. So, you can check your customers on whether they are ready to make purchases as usual by crafting relevant posts and sending them through mails. Based on the responses, you can easily gauge where a person is present in your sales funnel. So, get in contact with your customers through digital platforms in the possible ways before making a move regarding your product sales. So, if you pump in enormous money into promotions based on your past data, it may not result in the expected conversion rate. 

Make Use of OTT:

OTT platforms have gained momentum as a primary marketing medium after the pandemic outbreak. Since people are confined within four walls, they spend their time watching movies and series on OTT platforms. Thus, the consumption of these platforms has risen dramatically. So, if you are looking to increase the reach of your newly launched product, you can make use of the OTT platforms rather than going with other digital channels.

Many social platforms have also witnessed a good rise in their user base during the lockdown times. According to a recent survey from a marketing website, nearly 60% of social media users have tried a new social platform in the past year. So, it is better to research the demographics of other social platforms to carry out promotions for your brand. You can try out the niche social platforms. 

Wrapping Up:

Brands have challenging times due to the COVID outbreak. Hence, they have to think wisely and craft their marketing strategy accordingly. The implementation of the tactics that are given above will benefit the brands in the long run.

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