Transocean investment review

Transocean investment review

A platform called Transocean-ng seeks to give investors a return on their investments. It operates similarly to many other platforms you are familiar with or have used; all you need to do is deposit money or activate one of the investment plans to start receiving income and possibly making a profit for you.

Transocean has received a lot of attention recently, so I’m going to break down some details about the platform and explain how to make money safely without taking many risks in this article. Let’s start with the date Transocean was formally introduced or registered.

When Was Transocean-ng Registered?

On June 22, 2022, the domain name was formally registered. According to Whois, the registration information is secret, which indicates that the website’s owner elected to conceal his or her identity in order to prevent future issues. One characteristic of hyip scams that shouldn’t be carelessly patronized is this one.

Transocean-ng: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Transocean-ng is not now a scam platform, but like other hyip and Ponzi schemes, it will inevitably become one when the money invested in or used to buy the platform is less than what is given out to current customers.

People that join platforms like Transocean when they’re first available earn more and face fewer losses.

You will receive a 700 Naira startup bonus after signing up, however, this money cannot be taken out unless you invest yourself or refer others to do so.

The bare minimum investment is 3,000 Naira, and the daily earnings are 300 Naira, or 1200 every four days.

Knowing how to get started on the Transocean-ng website, the detailed instructions for making money safely on the platform are provided below.

How to Make Money Safely With Transocean NG

You must exercise caution when attempting to join due to the platform’s nature and the possibility of a crash at any time.

Once you’ve created your first account using the aforementioned link, select your profile icon, go to the referral program section, find your referral link, copy it, and use it to create a new account. The initial account you made will house the new account.

You should invest in the second account you set up under the first one if you intend to use the site for investing.

You will receive a 300 Naira referral bonus if your account is the first to meet the minimum withdrawal requirement. Go back to the first account after making an investment in the second self-referral account to make a withdrawal of 1k to lower the balance you have on the platform.

The following day, you take money from your second account because the minimal investment plan earns 300 Naira each day, and since all new accounts begin with 700 Naira, you will have added another 1000 Naira to it.

Put withdrawal in place right away to lower your risk even further. You then withdraw $1200 every four days without making any more investments.

This is the best way to interact on the Transocean-ng website. Although the withdrawal is happening quickly right now, I’m not sure how long this will continue. Enjoy it now, then!

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