13 Reasons Why Review

13 Reasons Why Review

13 reasons why a netflix original is about Hannah, a young woman who takes her own life. Here is the review.

I personally have watched bits and pieces from it, but not fully through and never have I even seen season two and I wouldn’t even dare look at season three.

From the first season (the parts I have watched) it just showcases 13 reasons why a young lady killed herself- and I am guessing that the rest of the show is also 13 reasons why other cast members killed themselves (I am not sure so do not quote me and correct me if I am wrong).

Now here is the dilemma I have with Netflix and this show.

As a person with mental illness, someone who has tried to (not to offend anyone) take her own life and even has seen what someone who does take their own life does to, not only a family, but also each individual that feel as if the series should be taken off the air and replaced with something more positive.

In a Times article dated June, 20th, 2019, it states that the suicide rate is at its highest since WWII. Now I can go on and on about why I believe they are up and eventually I will but right now we are focusing on the show.

So I have some questions Netflix- why? What is the fulfillment for this show? What are we gaining from this? What are we learning from this? I have a lot of questions.

But we will get into that later because if you are anything like me you are barely making it through the first half of this and clicking out.

Don’t you hate when articles are like 29737648 words? Like NEWS FLASH us young folk do not like long boring articles. But anyway, I will be back with the rest of my commentary on another post so bookmark this page and stay tuned.

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