How To Import From OfferUp In USA To Nigeria

How To Import From OfferUp In USA To Nigeria

Importation has gradually gone from very large scale of shipping in containers to shipping Goods in very small amounts including gadgets sold at a very affordable prices, In this post i will show you how to ship goods from USA with OfferUp To Nigeria.

Have you ever imagined shipping iphones,from USA for as low as 70$ to 150$ to sell them here in Nigeria at 400$? thats about 50,000 naira cost price and you sell at 150k to 200k in naira?

Many USA citizens are looking forward to sell their clean gadgets and you can actually buy them and make huge profit from it.

The steps are pretty easy anyone who can read and write, All you need is pay close attention and follow the guidelines i will stipulate in this post.

Requirements or tools you will need to ship from USA with offer up

Good phone or laptop: This is the device you will use to connect to the internet and access the site, if you are reading this post right now it means you already have this, so we move to the next.

VPN: Vpn is a virtual proxy network which changes your location from Nigeria to USA. You will appear on the internet as some one who resides in the US. I will show you how to get it.

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Trusted Agent: If you have a relative in USA, that absolute welcomed, if you dont, i have a list of trusted agents tested and trusted, which i can help you with. you will find how to reach me at the end of the post.

If you are a USA based that can serve as an agent for this too, you can contact me for business down the post, you have to prove you are real agent to be before i can give your contacts out to people, and these prove will be very technical, including company registration number with CAC.

Money: Yes, You will need cash, because you have to pay for the product, you will also pay the agent, for the shipping, then you will also pay for waybill from Lagos if you are not in Lagos, But all those fees are very little to compare to the gains you will make selling this phones and laptops.

Steps on How To Import From OfferUp In USA To Nigeria

when you type in on your chrome browser, it will not open, you can try it now and see, it will tell you access denied” and thats because the site is basically meant for people in usa, you are not in USA, are you? lol

First step is to download vpn from play store, we have bunch of free vpn, turbo, windscren, and more vpn services, i will advice paid vpn services because they are stronger and safer to browsers.


I can sell nord vpn for u at very low price, all you need is to chat me up from my whatsapp link at the end of the post.

Turn on your vpn and change your location to USA, wait for few minutes for complete propagation on the internet, then open your browser and head to the site


Navigate through offerup

Now open the using your chrome, click on register, you can use your Facebook profile to register or any other option they provided for you. After registration, you can now log in properly.

in most cases, a phone number is required for you to put in their, here you can either put your agents number or get a google voice number, but most people who registered with Facebook did not experience this challenge.

When you sign in, You will see hundreds of gadgets to buy, just scroll properly, make selections of items you want, especially the ones you can easily sell in Nigeria or any where you reside.

You can use any thing as your profile picture, please do not use your own personal picture because the company will know you are a Nigeria. you can use flower, car or fine house.

Contact seller of any of the products you like, know the location of the seller and check the proximity of it to the agents, though some agents have grounds in all USA, but mostly the big cities like Las vagas, Los angelos, new York.

Now you have to pay the agent through their Nigeria company accounts, after which they will confirm the product, if its in good condition, they will purchase it, snap it and show you, then sends it across for you to pick in Lagos, some agents puts passwords which they will send the code to the real owner, which makes it possible for only the owner to be able to pick it up at their office in Lagos.

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You can call the people in charge and pay for a way bill if you are not close to Lagos, they will waybill it to your state of resident.

How to get Agents contacts and full details

I have personally shipped alot of countless goods from china, uk and usa to Nigeria and i have made alot of money with it.

I have to share you an email i bought for 20k on drop shipping which helped me alot.

What you will find inside the email.

  • Trending goods to buy
  • How to buy them
  • How to ship them to Nigeria
  • How to pick it up
  • Agents to use
  • And where to sell your goods quickly
    And more.

This include a live video on how to navigate through each site.

I will give it to you for only 1500. Yes, only 1.5k. And this is only for serious minded people.

Access bank
Nebeokike Sunday c

NOTE: Do not contact me on whatsapp if you have not make any payment,  i will not reply you.  you contact me only when you have made payments

Send the payment proof to me on whatsapp and i will forward the email.

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