How to import goods from china to Nigeria

How to import goods from China to Nigeria

There are many online websites giving guides on how to ship with chrisvicmall, some even sell this guide in pdf files, for me, I actually bought this guide for 20k naira back then, but certainly am giving it out for free right here on this page, but if you still need more guidelines, you can contact me with the WhatsApp link at the end of this post.

How to import goods from china to Nigeria with chrisvicmall

First of all, you need to register with this link to register at, once you register and everything is set, you should create a profile, and address, and also a username.

Then after the normal profile settings, all you need to do is search on chrisvicmall or and check out the products you want, when you use chrome browsers, it translates the China language on 1688 to the English language for proper understanding of the product in question.

When you have decided on the products you want to buy, all you need do is copy the link from, come to the page and paste the copied 1688 link on it, once you click search, it brings out the details of the goods, the price, the quantity, and the different specifications of the goods even other similar goods.

The goods can also be seen on chrisvicmall as they have such goods, you might not need to struggle with 1688 as chrisvic has the English version.

Once you select the quantity of the goods you want and know the exact prices and the particular specifications of the goods that you want, you can go ahead and add them to your cart, after adding them to your cart, your goods are ready to be ordered.

You would need to credit your Chrisvicmall account so you can able to place orders, all you need to do is to login into your Chrisvicmall account, click on dashboard, click on the wallet, and at the roll-down menu on the left, then click on pay with bank deposit.

Of course, you will see other methods of payments like bitcoin, transfer, and others, so you choose what is best for you, select the bank and the amount you wish to deposit, and click on the date you wish to pay, then generate the account number.

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After payment, you will need to come back to the payment notification to click on mark paid” which signals the admins that you have completed your payments. Upon receiving the notifications, they credit your account with the dollar equivalent. And then you are ready to make the place your orders and your goods will be bought on your behalf.

After placing your orders, if accurate, it will be bought and you have to wait for a few days for it to arrive at their China office. Upon arrival, you will be notified on your dashboard about your goods arriving at the China office, you then need to place the order for the goods to be shipped to Nigeria, by selecting the goods you wish to ship and the shipping method you wish to use.

Chrisvicmall has many shipping plans, like Triweek, normal shipping, and express shipping, they all have different price tags and shipping fees which will be stipulated on the site and might tend to change as everything else changes.

Once you select your best plan, you will need to put in your address and your phone number. Then your goods are ready to be shipped. On arrival to Nigeria which will take over a week, you will be notified on your dashboard about the arrival of the goods, you will need to order for local delivery if you’re not in Lagos, it will be moved to your location! And then, your goods have been successfully shipped.

The good thing is, that shipping goods from China is generally cheap and can be lucrative!!!

I have personally shipped a lot of countless goods from china to Nigeria and I have made a lot of money with it. I have to share with you an email I bought for 20k on drop shipping which helped me a lot.

What you will find inside the email.

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How to buy them
How to ship them to Nigeria
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And more.

This includes a live video on how to navigate through each site.

I will give it to you for only 3000. Yes, only 3k. And this is only for serious-minded people.

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