Meet DaYanna Crider DaYanna was born and raised in a small town in Illinois. She was diagnosed with Autism, Depression, Anxiety and a general mood disorder by the age of twelve. Growing up she was very quiet, shy and to herself. DaYanna is a high school graduate and plans to continue her education at Grand Canyon University. As she got older, she learned that her personal life experiences could help others see that their now isn’t their forever. DaYanna got the vision for Asteem December 2018 when people came up to her asking her for advice mand wanted to understand how DaYanna was able to be so kind and sweet to others after being bullied in a Facebook group. DaYanna wants other people her age to know that even when life seems so low and seems like it will never get better; it will! At the age of twenty DaYanna knows that the world needs more youth voices on the topics of mental health, religion, social media, school, and just everyday life that young people go through. In her spare time DaYanna loves to read, cook, sing, write, help others, spend time with special loved ones and have fun with kids. Through Asteem DaYanna hopes to provide a safe space for all!