What are bitcoin and altcoin seasons?

What are bitcoin and altcoin seasons?

Altcoin season – when more than 75% of the top 50 alts show better growth than BTC in 90 days.

BTC season – when less than 25% of alts grow faster than bitcoin in 90 days.

1. Previous growth cycles started with the BTC season, because the big players first entered the cue ball and pumped the price. And after that, they poured from BTC into alts to get even more profit. Alts are easier to pump.

2. The growth cycle in 2017 ended with the altcoin season. This year, the market crash also occurred after the viola season, in May.

3. The bitcoin index can be tracked by the BTC market share (currently 48.3%). When it grows, the market share increases and reaches 60-70%. Investors’ money is mainly in the main asset. This is another reason why violas grow poorly.

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