Making money with bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Making money with bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Coins are very the future of financial system, especially the cryptocurrency. We have many coins circulating in the world of crypto trying to gain ground in the financial market.

The most popular cryptocurrency is the bitcoin also known as BTC, followed by bitcoin cash BCH, and Ethereum popularly know as Eth. One can make a fortune from any of this coin by being conscious, and intelligently following the trends of this cryptocurrency.

For instance, I have a friend who was not so rich as of 2011, he was able and managed to invest on bitcoin, buying a 100k naira worth of bitcoin, when bitcoin price was still around 100$ dollars per bitcoin! Today that bitcoin he bought for 100k naira is worth over 20million in naira.

That is investment and foresight! So you see why and need for one to study and invest on the cryptocurrency world? The financial system is changing and bitcoin is being one of the acceptable method of payment and purchasing of goods and services world wide today!

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So for a smart and intelligent person who wants to make money from bitcoin and cryptocurrency, all you need to do is buy other cryptocurrency whose price is still very low and affordable, buy a meaningful quantity and keep them secured in your wallet! Magic might happen some day!!

For someone who wants to invest directly on bitcoin, now this is what you need to do for a start. Go to your google play store or apple store and download your choice of wallet, the most used wallets in Nigeria is, and many other wallets as you wish to. Upon downloading these wallet, create an account and secure it as it serves as your bank account in the cryptocurrency world!

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Now you have a wallet, all you need to do now is invest money, buy a bitcoin only from a trusted dealer. We have many trusted dealers where you can buy bitcoin, like, and many other sites, do not buy from scammers, they will collect your money and not send you bitcoin, so apply caution!

I also advise one to buy bitcoin only when the prices has gone down a little bit. Currently the price is around 10,340$. But will keep fluctuating and can rise, as of 2017, bitcoin raised to about 17,560$ to 19k$ per bitcoin. That has been the highest price of bitcoin so far and it tends to beat that price too, so investing in bitcoin can as well be a wonderful thing to think about right now as the price is still appreciating.

Buy bitcoin, keep them in your wallet and watch as it grows, if you have any more questions, discussions or anything you wish to tell us, you can easily contact us us at 08163117112.

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We can as well sell bitcoin to you. Of course, you can always trust us, thanks!!

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