How does forsage work? How do you make money on forsage

How does forsage work? How do you make money on forsage

Forsage is a smart contract embedded in block chain technology. It can not crash, and its not a ponzi scheme. Etheruem is the currency used here and around march 2020, one etheruem was about 40,000 in naira, as of the day i published this article on my site, being august 7th 2020, one etheruem is worth 190,000 in naira. you can google up the price of etheruem in naira to see for yourself.

Forecast says etheruem will hit 1million naira by beginning of 2021, Do You see why you need to accumulate enough etheruem? forsage will help you do that. thats why we are here to explain How does forsage work? Know more about forsage

Lets go down straight on how forsage work.

You must have been searching to know more about forsage smart contract, to know how it works, This post will show you everything you need to know about it.

How does forsage work.

When you register on forsage, you must register under someone. After your registration, your dashboard opens. It cost about 0.05 ethereum to register on forsage.

Network fee might make it high, network fee is the cost of service for the smart contract, do not worry, its very cheap, at most its 8$
So you would need about 0.07 ethereum to register. Check forsage registration fee.

After your registration, you are now open to earn money on forsage with your one time registration fee.

How do you earn in forsage.

Forsage has an X3 and X4 category where participants can earn money from.

X3 Deals precisely on referrals
X4 is where the system pays you on the activities of other people..

Let me break it down. In x3 you earn money when you refer people to join forsage and use your referral links.
But in X4 you earn massively from what other people in the company do, and thats the greater part of forsage.

You earn money in forsage in 3 ways.

First is from overflows: overflows are earnings that comes from the activities of people that above you. That is your upline. You earn from there overflows of their earnings

Second is spill overs: you earn spill overs from both up and down. Upline activities earn you spill overs and its different from overflows, and your downline activities earns you spill overs too.

Third is direct referrals: This is the place where you invite people to join and they use your referral links to register. Here you earn money and when your downlines refer people you still earn.

Forsage is good, because it help you acquire ethereum, which is a crypto coin with a great future. Do not miss this opportunity.

How to withdraw on forsage.

In forsage you do not need to click withdraw. Each money or ethereum you earn on forsage hits your wallet, all you need to do is to sell it, buy sending it to someone who wants to buy it, and the person will transfer the naira equivalent to your bank account.

You can send it to your luno app and luno will pay you to your bank.

You can also sell to me, i buy all cryptocurrency. Just message with my Whatsapp number below this post.

How can I register on forsage

1. download Trust wallet from playstore for andriod users, or token pocket for iphone users
2. Create a wallet
3. Please save the 12 phrases somewhere for future sake
4. Rearrange the phrases as it was before
5. Click on ethereum
6. Click on copy to get your wallet address
7. now you have to fund your wallet using the wallet id you copied, you send it to anyone that will send you the etheruem you need.

8. Purchase your 0.077 ethereum which the dollar $ equivalent varies with time
9. after you don purchase, you copy this link  

and paste on the space with the arrow on this picture below

click enter to enter to the platform right inside your wallet, forsage site will open Click JOIN NOW,

6)click register, it will land you to a payment dashboard, approve the payment and wait for it to confirm.

7) once your payment is confirmed, it takes a little while for it to be confirmed, after that then you are done and ready to start your journey on forsage

8) if you have difficulty in registering, chat me up for me to guide you asap, and join my hot team where you earn from overflows and spill overs.

NOTE: before you chat me on whatsapp, make sure you have money to buy etheruem. or you have funded your trust wallet with 0.077 etheruem.

chat this my Good fine Lady to register you on forsage

This is for serious minded people. If you are not ready to pay for etheruem do not bother to chat me up.

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you can join our forsage group chat here


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