Pi Network — Will be The Next Bitcoin of the Future

Pi Network — Will be The Next Bitcoin of the Future

Cryptocurrency lovers/users know that cryptocurrency mining sucks battery power, and could consume your battery power within a twinkle of an eye. However, there is now a change in the cryptocurrency world, as a group of Stanford University Ph.D. students,  just launched Pi network, a cost-efficient cryptocurrency.

This invention of Picoin, created by Stanford University students, is aimed at becoming the best cryptocurrency in history. And yes, you can invest your time in this, it could make you extraordinarily rich!

Furthermore, with this Pi network, you do not need to invest money into it, it has much battery power on your phone, as it does not deplete your phone’s battery power. All you need is an internet connection to mine the coin.

As a user, you will also earn additional money by referring your friend to join the network. You will be surprised to know that the network just hit 9.4 million registered users.

How Much Is Pi Worth?

Currently, the price of Pi is quite low, as it’s just in stage two development. However, this network has not been added to the blockchain platform yet, which is the main net, but it’s already in the back-end market. The main net is to be announced this year 2021.

Furthermore, Pi coin users have predicted and made it known that by end of the year 2023, the value of a single Pi coin would have reached that of Ethereum ($200) or even more.

In respect to this, this implies you have been able to have mined 1000 Pi coins, you will have a whopping sum of $200,000 to yourself alone, amazing huh?

To make it plain, how easy it is to mine Pi coin, if you can invite just 10 of your friends to join the network, and never miss a single day of mining, you will be having a sum of 3000 Pi coin to yourself in few months.

Even though the balance of a single Pi coin drops at $25, you will still be having over $75000 to yourself in cash. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.

How Do I Join This Amazing Program?

Well, there is just one way to join the program, which is just by downloading their official app.

Furthermore, you can download the app from the play store, directly to your device by clicking here, install the app, and user BLOOMSTAR  as your referral code and you can start mining immediately. Also bear in mind that the network team will never ask for your password or login details for certification purposes.

In addition to this, after downloading the app, you will be asked to link It to your, Facebook, or Gmail account, which will be your means of password reset.

An invite code will be required to join the platform, as you won’t be allowed to join the platform without an invitation code, you can use your friend’s own, or you use this BLOOMSTAR  to join and remember that the more you invite, the more you win.

Key point For The Pi Network

First of all, bear in mind that to join the program is absolutely free, and to make money is free, aside from the cost of an internet bundle. And you can make cool money from the program, even if you mine just 10 coins

key point features include

  • It is compatible with any of your mobile phones, and won’t deplete your battery.
  • You don’t need to invest any money, but your time
  • Its cost-efficient


The pi coin is a new cryptocurrency with fast development. Within a short period it was launched, it has acquired over 9.4million users, and it could make you absolutely rich. There is no best time to start mining than now, download the app from Google via Here


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