Reasons why your EX keeps coming back to you

Reasons why your EX keeps coming back to you

Sometimes people find hard to move on, they keep coming back even when you don’t love them.

When you want to get your ex back, don’t go and propose once again but instead start by giving attention without showing your intention. As your ex gets used to this attention once again start to pull back.

If your ex started going after you for this attention then become unavailable. When you do so your ex will think about you even more and will start to put you in mind once again.

1. You became more attractive in their eyes. If you did something that made you seem more attractive such as becoming more popular, successful or even more physically attractive then your Ex might feel like wanting to contact you again.

2. Your Ex hasn’t fully recovered. If your Ex hasn’t fully recovered from the breakup then they might contact you back to see if there is any hope in reestablishing the relationship.

3. Testing their powers, Your Ex might be contacting you to see whether you can still get attracted to them or not.

4. You’re not clear about your reasons for having moved on from him, or you give him vague reasons for why you can’t see him. He might think you’re playing hard to get. Think about what you really want from this guy, and if you don’t want to be bothered by him it’s time to be clear about that once and for all.

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