Relationship issues and Best solutions for it

Relationship issues and solutions

Have you ever wondered why u keep having issues with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse? even when u know u love him??.

I once made a post about a relationship that just crumbled for lack of true love, tolerance, and loyalty. You can find the story here

well, the truth is there are no relationships without issues, even marriages have issues once in a while… but the problem is how well do we view, understand and manage these issues??

Marian Anderson said.. “we lose a lot of time having issues”,

there is no gain in it actually, issues make you love less, there is this feeling it stirs up in you when you get angry, put your anger aside and do your relationship that big favor, as a matter of fact, u doing yourself the biggest favor,

be bold enough to fight for peace, resolve it there and then, don’t leave that atmosphere without that peace of mind. Issues are like poison, we drink it and expect the other person to die.

Take charge of your relationship, once u have this mentality that the peace of your relationship is in your hands.

it will give u this zeal and urge to keep going for peace. A lot of us especially ladies think that apologizing to their guys brings down their ego, But the truth is, you have a greater glory when you are the reason why your home is in peace…

To the ladies especially, take charge of your home, you have all the keys, I repeat all the keys to your relationship. And to the guys, respect your girl’s flaws.. no one is perfect, these are relationship and marriage goals.

LOVE is everything.. once you understand this.. you understand everything

I am Jenifer

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