How To Make Your Relationship work

How To Make Your Relationship work

Relationship Back Bones: 
* Love
* Trust
* Commitment
* Be Open to one another
* Communication
* Say NO to Disputes
* Respect for one another
* Appreciation.
And many more.

The relationship is a journey to marriage, it’s in the relationship you will know the kind/Character of the person you proposed to marry.

Love is blind they say, but marriage opens its eyes.

A bad attitude/Character is like a flat tire, it will lead you nowhere if you don’t change it.
Watch your attitude towards your partner in your Relationship. Put away pride and arrogance, it will lead you to nowhere.

* Ladies, Value your Relationship, Respect your partner, do away with rudeness, and self-praise.
A man who loves you and Cherish you can turn his back on you due to your attitude.
No man wants to marry His boss, check your attitude.

* Ladies engage yourself in a small-scale business. Be resourceful, Remember, no man wants to date or marry a liability. The world is so cruel nowadays that a man may refuse you because you don’t have a job. Men/Guys are proud of Hardworking ladies.

* Don’t be too demanding.
This is the main reason you should engage yourself with something that can provide you with your daily needs.
Never demand from a man, better still, let it come from his heart willingly.
A man can get pissed off if you keep demanding from him and you will keep complaining all men are the same, this and that.

* Respect Your spouse.
Accord to your spouse the respect he needs. it makes men feel loved and appreciated. Don’t talk to him in a rude manner, be calm to explain issues and resolve them.
Respect his family members you know and honor them. Remember their your backbone after marriage.

* Avoid Open confrontation/Argument.
Men detest argument and open confrontation, avoid it as much as you can, settle whatever that comes in between you two amicably.

Ladies humble yourself

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