How to avoid chasing your true love away

How to avoid chasing your true love away without knowing it

Sometimes people normally destroyed beautiful relationships they should have to keep strong and make it work.

Many people have destroyed their relationships because of their attitudes and lack of overlooking things they should have overlooked.

Chase is the act of one who chases another or a pursuit. While True is conforming to the actual state of reality or fact or factually correct.

How to avoid chasing your true love away without knowing it in a brief summary

Many people have to chase their true love away because of their character, true love still exist but very few in this modern world are, you can find your true love and it can be chased away because of your character if you didn’t treat him or her well honestly,

if any guy stop on the road or anywhere that he like you, don’t react badly to him yet but tell him that two of you can be friends to know him better if he is the right one for you, you can only react badly to him if you have married,

there are real young men and girls everywhere seeking true love which you don’t know, some disguise themselves to know who they are dating, true love understand the law that se  x is not permitted in a relationship when you have not married but the wrong one don’t, many have married the wrong one which is giving problem today,

a complete virgin without a good character, he or she is not complete yet, successful guys and girls are not looking for someone that will come after their money or properties but someone that will love them for who they are, that’s why they disguise themselves as a poor person.

Any guy or girl that didn’t follow you to see your pastor, know that he or she is the wrong person, there are sensible ways to no a true love, true love cares about you but the wrong care don’t last long because of what they want to get from you,

don’t look down on anybody you came across, some true love comes speedily to marry you, while some true love takes a little time to study you and a lot has failed, they are some relationship that is thanking God every day because of the right person they meet, while some are crying because of their mistakes,

please don’t chase your true love away and it can also be chased away when you are double dating.

When you are finally in a relationship, don’t stop caring for your lover, respect him or her, cherish them, make sure you keep communication alive,

appreciate little things they can offer you, make sure you love the person back – if they discovered you don’t love them back, they meant to end the relationship.

Stop acting funny towards your lover, stop making your lover jealous, stop or limit communicating with the opposite gender, stop doing what you can’t take it if is you, stop being annoying and stubborn – or you’ll end up chasing them away.

Some things you think are nothing can mean a lot to someone, some attitude you think doesn’t matter can make someone dump you, in life, someone can judge you by small things you think are nothing, watch your ways. Don’t be the reason why your beautiful relationship will collapse.

we want you to legit know that this is a scholarship website, but we care about your relationship. enjoy

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