Why she will leave you and marry some else. true life story

Why she will leave you and marry some else. true life story

Love can be up and down sometimes, she always promise she will never gonna forget me, she will always gonna love me forever, she promised we are going to get married in future, she told me she will never leave me for another man, deep down i believe her because she told me she can’t do without me, that am her joy and happiness.

Seriously, I love her so much, she’s my first love, first girl, first kiss and first in everything, I love her so much, I was faithful and loyal to her,

I always care and support her in everything because we talking about marriage here, someone i really want to marry in future, all I want is to have kids with her and have beautiful family with her.

This relationship started in sss3 we love each other but i can’t believe how things start changing, things start collapsing, her feeling start dropping and she start acting funny,

definitely didn’t do anything wrong to her because I don’t always want to see her sad, her happiness means a lot to me, I always want to make her happy in any possible ways can but she has changed.

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I know something is wrong with her but can’t figure out, she keep telling me nothing is wrong but I know something is wrong, kissing me and playing with me hardly happened, I was dying inside, she’s hurting me with her attitude and actions.

One day, she asked me when are you going to build your own house, buy your own car and achieve your goals in life. I was shocked hearing that question from her but I know something is fishing, we laugh over the questions but deep down know my woman is leaving me.

Her attitudes and actions towards becoming more and more hurting because I love her so much, like play like play she got married.

She left me because am not rich, I don’t have money yet, I don’t have my own house, am just struggling to survive, she believe have a long way to go in life but I understand everything perfectly she’s a woman she need to settle down on time but I love her so much.

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Seriously I cried and depressed for long time, hard to accept such a beautiful relationship collapse because am just young man who doesn’t have future yet.

This days when think about everything, I thank God for everything, she took right decision because seriously dating would have been like wasting her time as a lady, I can’t deny it I love her so much, she’s everything to me, I don’t hate her,

I always wish her happy home, I want her marriage to last forever non matter she still want me and ready to cheat on her husband because of me but I won’t give room for such to happened, her marriage must be faithful and last forever.

As a single lady, sometimes if you can’t wait for your man and you see someone who loves you and you have feels for him, go and marry because what if you waited and get dumped later, a man can marry at age of 40 years to a young girl of 20 years to 24 years but such won’t be easy for you as a woman if you find yourself early 40’s,

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women life is different when come to relationship and marriage. I’m not saying you should leave your boyfriend but think about your decision.

Losing her pains me, I love her with my heart and soul, leaving me was my biggest lost in a relationship but leaving me opened my eyes in many things about relationship.

Non matter what happened, love still a beautiful thing right?

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