How to make your man love and cherish you

How to make your man love and cherish you.

in this post, I will explain how to make your man cherish you so much. Marriage does not make people happy, it’s people who make marriage sweet.

There is no love in marriage, love is in people. There is no romance in marriage, people infuse romance into their marriage. Don’t expect happiness by merely getting married. Work it out.

Some Ladies / Women are asking and wondering how they can make their husbands love and cherish them.
It is very simple because if you know, you know.

1. Submission: 1st Peter 3:1-6. This is the only way you can put your man under your control. E.g when he is talking please don’t talk back.

2. Appreciation: Appreciate everything he does for you no matter how little. Show your appreciation in character and words. Praise him all the time.

3. Present his food with him with honor and integrity.

4. If he offends you, tell him when his head is cool or when both of you are having a good time together.

5. Anything that happens tells him before he hears from outside or discovers it by himself because men have this natural ego in them. They don’t like seeing anyone dragging leadership with them. Although not their fault that’s how God created them.

To serve your husband the way you will serve your boss or your superior at work.

I promise you with all these, he will change and give himself completely to you. And remember to always back it up with prayers.

NOTE: Make sure you marry who you love and who loves you. If you marry who you love, doing all these won’t be a big deal.

Endurance and ignorance are never the same. Endurance is staying and believing that a person who does not have today may have tomorrow,

while ignorance is believing that a person who treats you like nothing before marriage will automatically start treating you like something special after the marriage.

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