Ladies: How to Make Him Love Only You

Ladies: How to Make Him Love Only You

Being in a relationship with a man can be stressful when he doesn’t love you or treat you like you deserve.

Falling in love with the wrong man can damage your life, frustrate you and lead you to hate other men.

No matter how a man hurts you, don’t use it to judge other people, Love doesn’t suck, love doesn’t hurt, and Love doesn’t cause heartbreaks rather wrong people you have been loving or giving chance in your life sucks, they’re ones who hurt you not love or other people, don’t hate the word “Love”

I want you to start changing your mind if you really want to grow up, you need to believe true love still exists, if you don’t believe in something how do you want to get what you don’t believe – you need to believe – so that love can come your way.

1. Don’t disrespect your man:
Even if your man is broke, things not working out for him, and everything is seen frustrated and complicated around him – don’t disrespect him rather be there for him

Men don’t like unnecessary attitudes towards them just because things are hard for them. If the opportunity presents itself for you to disrespect him – control yourself – such an attitude gonna make him believe you are the right woman for him, and he will stay with you forever.

2. Don’t be a bored ( boring) woman:
Ladies like fun, like being taken care of, and they want to feel loved. Don’t be a boring woman, being bored will not help your relationship.

Play with your man, try new things with him, buy What game and other games, and play with him.

Playing those games with him will create a new click between him and him – you may end up becoming the best of friends – which will be good for your relationship in the short-run and long run.

3. Make your man happy
He’s your man, right? – your husband that’s who we talking about here.

Dear sister plays with your man on the bed and off the bed, he’s your husband. Rock him hard, weak him at home and he won’t think of cheating, remember that thing was made for married people, have fun – make sure your man totally satisfied if cheated on you – cheating is in his blood. As a lady – do your best and handle him personally at home.

4. Care for your man:
Women are created to take care of men, once a man provides you have top priority to take full care of him.

Sometimes, things always turn out bad for men that’s the life of a man – such happen to every man once in a while if your man finds himself in such situations – support him and take good care of him.

Best time to appreciate and love him during moments he dying deeply, if he finds out counts on you, he will never ever forget you, he will love only you.
Men always appreciate women who can support them in good times and bad times.

5. Don’t be a taker – Be a giver
Many women want guys to do everything for them. They want a man to care, call, text, drop money for her, buy things for her, and do a lot of things for her without her returning at least 20% out of 100%.

Life has changed – not about what he can offer you but what you can offer a man, some girls don’t have anything to offer a man and you want him to love only you and stay with you forever.

You need to have a lot of things to offer your man, contribute to the family, and support him spiritually and physically, definitely, he will love only you.

6. Don’t mingle too much with other guys:

Every man is jealous unless he doesn’t love you or value you, no man wants to see his woman with another man mingling – it hurts – if you really want your man to stay with you, you have limited a lot of things, especially communicating with other men, remember too much of everything is bad, gat limit some things so that your man will feel secured.

7. Love matters:
I know you love him and are ready to sacrifice a lot for him that’s great but loving someone deeply who doesn’t love you always doesn’t end well. If you looking for a man who will love only you and stay with you forever – make sure he feels something for you – make sure there’s love between the two of you – him loving you back matters.

8. Learn how to cook good meals:
Any woman can cook food but does she know how to cook good sweet meals, no man wants to eat outside when the chef’s wife knows how to cook perfectly.

One thing has been discovered about girls – many don’t know how to cook but they believe they know how to cook – many women believe their taste in food actually the best way – food is food that’s a lie – food different from food, learn how to cook if you don’t know how to cook, don’t be ashamed and go learn about it.

Secure your man and your home, food what happens daily in a relationship – imagine you doing something bad every day – and you want him to stay with you.

9. Stop pushing him away:
If you want him to stay with you – stop pushing him away from home and your side. Don’t start denying him that thing – once a man cheats first – he will join the cheating League of Legends – and you can’t bring him back – avoid making him cheat. He’s your husband why deny him that – don’t because of your problem. Avoid creating what will end up hurting you forever.

10. Appreciate him
Appreciate everything doing for you – little or big – appreciate them. Being caring and loving. Respect him and cherish him. Love him so much and always be there for him.
Love your man unconditionally.

11. Sometimes – Be weird and silly:
Is good to be calm and cool but sometimes you need to be wired and silly, many men want their woman to be naughty once in a while, crazy moments remain close to heart, be cool and hot, be wired and silly and maintain the real woman you are.

12. Give Him the Reason to Love only you:
Not easy to keep man this day – but you can make happen by presenting yourself with dignity and respect. Be a good woman, prove you are not the same as other women, show your man – a lot different – prove to him all women are not the same.
You have to make him feel relaxed and happy.

13. Make yourself irreplaceable:
Every man wants peace of mind – are you giving your man peace of mind?
Stop nagging, stop being annoying, stop overreacting, stop killing him emotionally, stop making him regret being with you, and make yourself irreplaceable.

Be a woman he would always want to be around – care about his happiness and be silly when you guys doing that thing – be a romantic woman and crazy woman.

14. Dress Good and Dress Sexy:
I don’t need to say much about this – you need still need – to – be – that girl he saw and feel attracted to.
Everyone wants a good-looking man or woman if you want your partner to stay with you – dress well and dress sexy inside your home.

15. Forgive and Forget
Your partner will mess up once in a while if you love someone so much – have to forgive and forget – once there are sincere apologies. Keeping a relationship needs the spirit of letting and overlooking things, remember nobody is perfect.

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