150 thoughts on “Chymall Sairuimall is a SCAM | Stay away”

  1. Next time before you do review of anything make sure you know everything about it and how it actually works. If not you would end up exposing your ignorance.
    There are not of contradictions and unfounded claims in your write up.

    You claim it’s site was registered last year and later mentioned that it was this year in June. That has shown you don’t know anything about this company.
    Also, chymall has nothing to do with Nigerians owning it or operating from anywhere in Nigeria. They only have service centers in Nigeria. It’s international headquarters is Malaysia while its African headquarters is in Accra Ghana. A little Google research will confirm this for you.
    It’s current CEO is Mr Ben Chah from Malaysia you can also find out who he is and what he does and has been doing before now.
    On the course of your research make sure you find out to know why it was called sairui in the past before the new name chymall.
    In case you don’t know chymall is an e-commerce platform that deals mainly on quantum energy products which are very effective and have been demonstrated to work. If you need proof you can visit any of its service center near you for q demonstration.
    CHYMALLi is a platform that gives it’s registered members the opportunity to own an online shop on it’s site so they can buy and sell the company products and make profit for themselves every 10-12 days.
    The mechanism which makes this possible is the trading concept called NEW RETAIL. This company is the only company in the world right now that is using this trading concept. People like you who have not experienced this before or don’t understand how it works have been going around spreading all sorts of misinformation concerning this company.
    It’s not a Ponzi scheme hence members can still earn without referring anyone. Even if no new members join again , the company already has over 500k members on its platform that engage in buying and selling.
    And finally, chymall it’s dully registered with all the relevant government agencies in Nigeria and it’s also regulated by the CBN.
    And finally, before you continue to mislead the public, do further research and when you’re done make sure you do a correction of what you have already written about chymall and also reach out to me in case you’re interested in joining on how to go about it

    • Go and rest, chymall is a scam, and i know very well you are one of the purported scammers behind it. if you are an e commerce company, why not buy goods and sell to your members, why ask your members to invest? and again why use alibaba name to register the company when you have nothing to do with alibaba, why use nigerian address to buy the domains like i reviewed? ceo is ben chah but mr miracle from port harcourt registered the domain for him? liar. all your write ups are filled with lies from pit of hell. no evidence to prove your deceits. chymall is a scam,,, it might pay you now but it will end up in tears.

    • Mr. Edwin Ponzi scheme was an old idea far older than you, to defraud gullible persons from their well earned money, and only they lazy, greedy and business docile persons fall mugu.
      Most products sold by chymall are unsalable, overly inflated and scraps
      Mr.Edwin i am a business man, can we make a deal,? commit Five hundred thousand naira in my care, i will give you thirty percent after 45days. force majeure excluded.
      If you are legit, reply with your contact email, i will quickly get in touch

      • If I give u 500k u will give me 30% profit in 45 day?
        call 08034895737
        If u can convinced me with visible proof. I’ll invest in u. Thanks

      • @Dale Morgan, From your response it’s easy to determine how you think. You already assume that chymall is a Ponzi without enough investigation and believe anyone who is involved in it must be gullible the reason you want me to send money to you to invest on my behalf. You must be a joke if not a scammer yourself.
        Most of the things chymall sell are also sold on jumia. Go to jumia and find out how much the quantum beauty spray is sold there and compare it with what chymall is offering is customers and come back and tell me that jumia is better. Other e-commerce website, not only jumia, are also selling the same products sold in chymall. Do you know this? No you don’t. From your accusation it also means jumia and other e-commerce website selling the same quantum products as chymall are selling nonsense. You are not intelligent at all. If you think you’re, please investigate from jumia to prove me wrong.
        I will continue to say this , if you think chymall is a scam, then go to the right source to find out. Start from EFCC. You can Google the certificate from the internet it is there. Take the certificate number to any EFCC office in your location to verify. They are a tax paying company in Nigeria. Also Google the FIR certificate online and copy the certificate number and use it to confirm if they are truly register with Federal inland revenue. When you succeed in all of this and it’s confirm they been given clearance to operate , please ask find out from officials of those organization why chymall has been cleared to operate in Nigeria since you believe it’s a scam. I hope you come back here to tell us what you’re told

    • You are very correct sir. The person who put up this so-called review is completely bereft of the requisite information on CHYMALL.

  • My friend do an independent research on chymall to confirm what is it all about.
    The site your are referring to belongs to affiliate members in Nigeria who are working independently to promote the business. It’s clearly stated on the site that it’s for information purpose only. The people who opened that site are not the original owners for chymall. And everyone knows this. A little Google research will confirm this for you
    The company sells it’s products to it’s members who trade among each other. That’s how they earn profit. It’s not an investment platform where they invest on your behalf.
    Alibaba has nothing to do with chymall and no where has the company said it has anything to do with the Alibaba.
    Please bring your proof about what you’re saying.
    I can assure you that very soon you will get to know more about this business and by that time you would too be embarrassed about all the things you have written.
    I already told you that the company is duly registered with all the relevant government agencies. You can go find out about this.
    Don’t allow your assumption to misled you into misinforming people. An educated person should be able to critically examine something before judging it.
    Please do your research. Don’t depend on what you think.
    Find out the real owners of chymall. The country of it’s owners, it’s international headquarters and what it’s NEW RETAIL If you can find the time to do all this then you would know better thank you

    • Alibaba was mentioned in the buying of chymall.net, refer to the pictures and screenshot i posted on this post. Alibaba is mentioned there in chymall.net registra which is the main domain of chymall. Am nof assuming, i have been into all these for long and i know whatsup, the best thing i can do for people is this information for them to stay away from such scam scheme. Chymall.net was registered in june, more reasons why its a red flag. If you are reading this comment, and you wish to invest, it will lost with time. This will be my last reply. All my posts in the site is logical and proven. Any individual can register with cac and many others. It is not a guarantee. Flee from scam

      • The June registration you are referring was after the merger of chy with sairui the former site
        Due to this merger a new site was created to accommodate more members and provide effecient services. All the data of members where transferred to the new site during this period. It doesn’t mean chymall started in June
        Chy is not only registered with CAC . All relevant government agencies have giving it clearance. Go and find out..
        Ego is your problem. You don’t know anything and you don’t want to know

        • The old company does not have a site? Registered with All relevant bodies and its not organized, has a poor site layout. No terms and conditions on the site, the FAQ page is total childish, like you employed a poor web designer to put it up?

          Forget this story, no legit company will ask anyone to invest any penny to get profits back especially online. It is is just a complete scam.

          You all bashing me in the comment, i read it, of cause you can only bash. With time, you all will leave investors with tears. Its not today… We have seen this many times, it always end in tears, so i don’t care what you say comment here.

          Thats how some of them defended many scams i have reviewed here, not until it crashed, thats when they realized. Type more, you have your keyboard

          • your Whois look up details are wrong, if you know anything in the cyberworld u will know that whois do not give much information apart from ip address , location , host etc. run a proper scan with nmap or dmitry thats if u ar conversant linux distro. Sarui or services and hosting started 01/12/2015 @ 06:47:51 and will end 09/08/2029 @ 06:47:51…..the only thing you got correctly is the poorly developed site with a lot of vulnerability ranging from sql injection, Xss, credential harvesting even admin page login details.

          • i have done all that, but explaining it to lay man will confuse them, the correct self explainable facts is what is laid down. no legit company will leave loop holes on their site

          • Thanks Mr Sunday, this is a big scam ready to explode anytime soon. What is it that they are selling to make profit in 10 days even during the complete lockdown over the world. The biggest malls like Wallmart in America, Asda in UK, Lidl in Germany etc.. all made heavy lossless during lockdown but Chy was making profit, what were they selling and whom were they selling it to during lockdown? The moment people no longer invest, there will be no more cash to fund the circle…so everyone beware….

      • Daniel am not yet a registered member but ur continuous insisting that chymall is a scam is an indication that you are paid to discredit it.

  • Why not respond to my last post ? Why hidden it if you’re sure of what you think you know.
    Don’t worry you will soon be forced to make a retraction by the time the company’s lawyers contact.
    Chymall is a legitimate company that is duly registered. It’s operations was investigate by all the relevant agencies in Nigeria including EFCC and you are here calling it a scam.

  • My dear Edwin, pls forget about this man who called himself Sunday. First, I am not a member of the company yet. I got my stuff going massively. I just wanted to leave a comment because this human-being who called himself a writer is a dull, stupid coward. He is a dumbass illiterate. It’s not by claiming what he is not, saying he is a Dentist and so on. People like him are those who go to school and became cultist and practiced high degree of exam malpractice to pass through school, school never passed through him. He is a hungry man. Unemployed bigot, arrogant fellow.
    Why all these talk about this failed man? It is because the so-called review he made is so empty, misleading, lacked substance, very shallow and unreasonably poor. How can you make a review on a company that you practically know nothing about? That’s absurd! You just made a review simply because you hear that people do reviews, driving traffic to their blog and make some change, hence you bought 50mb to write rubbish. you know what? You have failed woefully.
    The so-called review you made is your personal view of the company. So don’t get others deceived. Stay your lane and mind your business.
    My advice for you is……..
    Since you are a poor, hungry and unemployed person, why not do business with the company and let them change your financial situation for the better? Please do business with the company and stop being a hater. I just dislike people like you who never see good in others, misleading others from being recipients of Goodwill.

    Due to the level of my dislike for you and your dumb review, I will be joining the Chymall company soon, so that you can peacefully commit SUICIDE.

  • Well, about Chy mall, though I am a registered member, I want to give my unbiased review.
    I cannot say if the company is a ponzi or not, but what I do know is that the creator of this post above (Daniel Sunday) about Chymall does not know the business at all!
    First, the two websites you write up there about Sairuimall are NOT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE COMPANY. The websites were owned by individuals who are members of the company. Secondly, the proposed profit is 5% every 10-12 days and not 10%. Thirdly, this is not the ONLY company running this model, but the company approach is only a little different from some others. Chymall is not a Nigerian company, in fact, it exists in over 20 countries and has a much more organized structure even in other countries than Nigeria (the Nigerian factor). I’ll rest my case here.

  • If not that this Daniel Sunday is so dumb, that you have money in the company does not mean you are qualified for the 5% in ten days or 15% in a month. You must know how to trade and must be trading consistently to earn those percentages. Dumbass Daniel Sunday, it is not even enough to put your money in chymall, if you are trading frequently, your capital will just remain in the system. You earn no shit on it. Get your facts right block head.

  • Whether you bring anyone to join or not you still make profit from buying and selling on the platform.
    My friend you don’t know anything about chymall.
    Reach out to me if you want to know exactly what chymall is all about and I will put you through

  • Your name Daniel Sunday sounds like a Christian name, so let me share with you what a verse in the Bible says. Somewhere in proverb says that, even a FOOL when he keeps quiet, he is likely to be taken as WISE. Now that you have decided not to spew further trash about a company you know nothing about, l can see your brain has been formatted. Bro, let me ask you a question, if you are warning innocent people from being scammed by chymall, how about those of us that started with the company since October last year, that got back all our investment back due to consistent trading earlier this year and are still taking money out of the system till tomorrow, what can you say about us? Are we scamming the company or the company is scamming us as well? Whatever incoherent you put up there as REVIEW on chymall was too shallow. Chymall as a company is only an offshoot or offspring of Sairui a company that was established in 2008(12years) ago. Where are oceanic and intercontinental banks today? When a smaller and a bigger companies merge, the bigger company take the name, that exactly how CHYMALL that you have been masturbating about came to be. If CBN of Nigeria is not okay with a foreign company’s business model, it will never grant The company the necessary documents to operate in the country. But you know it all. Lastly, before l invested in Sairui as it was known then, l did my diligence findings and l have not had any reason to regret till date.

  • Chymall is a very big scam, am a member for one year now and by 1st week of December, I will be pulling up my capital from them. It’s a cheap scam perpetrated by a Nigerian guy, he claims that the company is a Chinese/Malaysian company in over 3 countries, yet we can’t see Malaysians and Chinese people doing the business just like Longrich Bioscience, can you even imagine that the so called Chinese/Malaysian company has their headquarters in Ghana instead of China and Malaysia 🤣🤣. That’s the easiest way to dupe gullible people. Since I registered with them, it’s 11 months now, I have not smelt any single products, they kept saying it’s on the way and now covid 19 has helped them to claim that it’s covid19 that is holding products, covid19 that left China since February of this year o
    It’s only gullible fools that will fall for this cheap scam, I have been duped before but this one, am collecting back my money with smartness, once it’s 1st week of December, I will pull off every dime I have in the system, to hell with Yahoo boys and their recent strategy. Fake cheap scam, fake products that is not even theirs, fake trading, fake retail trading, everything is fake fake fake

  • Mr Sunday can you please open ur own business and live people alone.no one is a kid here we joined consciously not by force live us enjoy our chymall is the best we don’t complain we use our money to register not yours. Stay calm please

  • You can smell this scam from a mile away. What e-commerce platform that has massive purchases to generate that much profit is so obscure and unknown? Quantum products kor, mtchew, what range of products are those? In fact by the time I saw “My lord, take me home” on their website, I knew it’s a CONFIRM scam, using religion to defraud people since time immemorial.

    Don’t take this page down. They are really pushing the narrative. Don’t let them

  • Even our lives is a scam u ur self ur a scam we live with scam just stay cool bro don’t take tension over nothing we perish in the business we perish no risk no gain

  • Ellis why wait till December to pull out your capital if you’re so sure it’s a scam?

  • @ Samuel which of the company’s official website did you come across a religious message?
    Definitely not chymall. net.
    I am not here to convince anyone to join and the company is not forcing anyone. The only reason I’m here is to correct certain things that have presented on this blog.
    You and others have very little information about chymall.
    I can assure you that what you think it is , is not what it is.
    Very soon you alll will get to know the truth and by that time you may regret that you didn’t join earlier.
    There lots of people like you in the past who doubted or called it a scam untill the later know better.
    Chymall is a legitimate company and it has come to stay whether you believe it or not.
    Incase you don’t know, another company that has been using the same concept as chymall for years now is , pinduoduo, go and find out about them.

  • @ Daniel this is the third time you’re updating and you still don’t understand anything about chymall.
    You must not refer before you start earning in chymall. Referral is optional . Go and confirm from anyone that you know that has been doing this business since last year.

    As long as you buy and allows the company sell for you , you continue to earn.

  • Hahaha

    Who are the buyers of the products chymall is selling within 10 to 12 days. Every single member sells no member buys.

    A very big scam, monkey business

    Be smart and pullout your capital.