Facts about Egbede (Igede) Tribe

Facts about Egbede (Igede) Tribe

The Igede people are an ethnic group primarily found in Benue State. They are members of the Idomoid ethnic group, and they occupy two local government areas in Benue State.

Nigerian ethnic group in Nigeria’s Lower Benue State. They are indigenous to Nigeria’s Oju and Obi local government districts, which had a population of 267,198 people in 2006.

Many Igede people, on the other hand, are distributed throughout the state and the country. For example, the Igede language is spoken in Nigeria’s Cross River State, while Osun and the Ogun States have large Igede communities.

The Benue-Congo subgroup of the Niger-Congo language family includes the Igede language.

Maize, cassava, peanuts, and yams are the main crops grown by the Igede.

The Igede-Agba festival, a colorful annual celebration that honors the yam harvest season in September, is held in Igede.

The traditional Igede clothing consists of blue, black, and white stripes.

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