Facts about Isoko ethnic group

Facts about Isoko ethnic group

The Isokos are peculiar people that live in Delta State, the Niger Delta’s heartland. It is a district ethnic group with nineteen clans and a population of over 2.1 million people. There are no records or histories of prior disputes or wars between the Isokos and their neighbors, indicating that they are a peaceful people.

The Isoko ethnic group is one of the smallest minority ethnic groupings in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, occupying around 1,200 square kilometers and having a residual population of over 750,000 people according to the 2001 census. The Isoko language is the native tongue of the Isoko people. It is linguistically similar to the Urhobo language spoken nearby.

The majority of the foods consumed by the Isoko people are made from cassava. Cassava derivatives include garri, starchy meal (Ozi), and Egu.

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