Facts about Ika ethnic group

Facts about Ika ethnic group

Geographically, the Ika-speaking people may be located in Delta State’s northwestern region, primarily in the Ika South and Ika North Local Government Areas.

They share linguistic borders with Edo speakers in the west, Ishan speakers in the north, Aniocha language speakers in the east, and Ukwuani language speakers in the south.

Although the Ika tribe is not Igbo or Benin, it shares many of their characteristics. The Ika language, for example, is remarkably similar to Igbo, and even their names are identical.

Because most Ika settlements were discovered by Benin princes and chiefs, they have a lot in common with the Benin people in terms of culture and lifestyle.

In Edo State, Ika communities can be found in places like Igbanke, Inyelen, Owanikeke, Ute Obagie, Owa-Riuzo Idu, Igbogili, Iru, and Ekpon.

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