Facts about Afizere Ethnic group

Facts about Afizere Ethnic group

The Afizere people (also known as Afizarek or Jarawa) are a Nigerian ethnic group who live in Plateau State’s Jos East, Jos North, and sections of Jos South Local Government Areas, as well as Bauchi State’s Toro and Tafawa Balewa Local Government Areas.

The Izere language is spoken by the Afizere. The Berom to the west, Mwaghavul in Mangu to the south, and Anaguta to the northwest surround them.

A district in Afizere territory could be made up of 6 to 12 villages. The Agwom was also the people’s leading priest in the past.

One of the cultural heritages that the Afizere have preserved over the years is a traditional dance known as Asharuwa.

Nigeria was represented by the Asharwa dance troupe in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Ukraine, and Kenya.

The people’s language is called Izere, and it comes in five different dialects.

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