Facts about Idoma Ethnic Group

Facts about Idoma Ethnic Group

The Idomas are people who live in Benue State, in north-central Nigeria, on the region’s south-eastern edge.

They are the state’s second-largest ethnic group, with nine local government areas. They are not only humble by nature but also welcoming.

It’s no surprise that visitors like visiting their territory, which runs from the Benue River’s southern banks to Igboland’s northern outskirts.

Idomas are distinguished by their traditional red and black clothing, which they wear with pride.

The traditional cloth known as ‘Il K’ Idoma,’ which firmly differentiates them, dates back to the reign of late Och’ Idoma, His Royal Majesty, Abraham Ajene Okpabi, the second paramount ruler of the Idoma kingdom.

The Okoho soup is the most famous traditional Idomas soup. It’s a soup produced from the slimy Okoho stem after it’s been cooked.

It’s commonly made with bush meat and a variety of fish, and it’s considered a distinct delicacy in Idoma territory and can be eaten with eba or any swallow

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