Facts about Akweya ethnic group

Facts about Akweya ethnic group

In the Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, Akweya, also known as Akpa, is a subgroup of the Idomoid language family of the volta-Niger family.

The district shares a common border with Otukpo district in the north, Ohimini’s Oglewu in the northwest, Okpokwu’s Edumoga in the west, Obi-Ito-Igede in the east, and Ado’s Efia-Utonkon in the south.

Okoho soup, a delicacy of the Akweya people, is created with exotic plants, game meat, and a variety of other ingredients. Okoho soup is traditionally eaten with pounded yam, which is also a staple in their cuisine. That is why consuming this soup requires a certain method.

The majority of Akweya-residents Yachi’s are farmers, but some also engage in fishing.

Akweya-Yachi men wear singlets with wrapper (red and black) local costume, while their ladies tie wraps and headgears (red and black).

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