Facts about Awori Tribe

Facts about Awori Tribe

The Awori Tribe is a Nigerian ethnic group belonging to the Yoruba ethnic group. They speak a Yoruba dialect that is separate from the rest of the Yoruba language. The people are traditionally found in the Nigerian states of Ogun and Lagos. Isheri, Ota, Igbesa, Ilobi, Tigbo, Iddo, Idumota, Badagry, and other major cities and towns where they can be found.

The people, like all other Yoruba people, hail from Ile-Ife. Olofin, also known as Ogunfunminire (founder of the Awori), was claimed to have been given a mud plate by Oduduwa (founder of the Yorubas) and commanded to place it on the water and follow it until it sank in the river.

Their official language is Yoruba

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