Facts about Jukun Ethnic Group

Facts about Jukun Ethnic Group

The Jukun is a West African ethnolinguistic group or ethnic nation. The Jukun are traditionally found in the Nigerian states of Taraba, Benue, Nasarawa, Plateau, Adamawa, and Gombe, as well as sections of northern Cameroon.

They are descendants of the Kwararafa people. The Jukun people are the ancestors of most tribes in Nigeria’s north-central region, and they are linked to the Jukuns in some fashion.

The Jukun people of Bauchi state are part of a larger tribe that can also be found in other parts of Nigeria. As a result, their customs are identical to those of the Jukuns in other states.

Their main occupation is farming, and their major religions are Christianity and Islam. The Jukun people’s culture has remained relatively unchanged over time. This tribe’s men and women are noted at tying wrappers. The jukun people mainly consume Tuwo and soup for their meals.

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