Facts about Waja Ethnic Group

Facts about Waja Ethnic Group

Parts of Gombe are home to the Waja people. These people are thought to have moved from Yemen to the Middle East.

The Waja people are famed for their numerous celebrations, which always signal the start of a new era in their lives. Swatka, Yikko, and Bakurau are a few of these festivities.

In Gombe State, the Waja people are the least dominant ethnic group. They lived in the present-day Balanga local government area of Gombe state, in the state’s east-southeast portion. Waja is people who speak Adamawa-ubangy, a Kwa language related to Tera and Bolewa.

The Waja people are Muslim, and farming is their main source of income. They dress in the same way as the Hausas do.

The traditional cuisine is similar to that of the Hausa. Maize flour is used to make it. Maize is mashed and boiled into a thick paste that is typically served with vegetable soup. Tuwo is the name of the creature.

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