Facts about Egun Tribe

Facts about Egun Tribe

The Egun are people who live primarily in Badagry, Lagos, and parts of Ogun state (SouthWest Nigeria). About 15% of Lagos state’s indigenous population is made up of these groups.

The majority of Eguns in Lagos state reside in Badagry, a coastal town halfway between Lagos and the Benin border at Seme.

Ogu is another name for the Egun people. They can also be found in adjacent West African nations such as Benin and Togo.

The indigenous people’s primary language is Gun.

The Egun eat pap (also known as Ekor) and stew, as well as Benin red sauce, peanut sauce, and vegetable soup. They eat comparable foods to the Yorubas, such as eba, semo, fufu, and amala, amongst others.

Because of their proximity to coastal lagoons and creeks, fishing is still their primary source of income. With purchasers coming from the Lagos city and Yoruba hinterland, this contributes greatly to the Egun people’s economics and nutrition.

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