Facts about Igala ethnic group

Facts about Igala ethnic group

Igala is a Nigerian ethnic group. The Igala people live on the eastern bank of the Niger River, where it meets the Benue River. They are the majority ethnic group in the present-day Nigerian state of Kogi.

They are members of the Kwa subgroups of the Niger-Congo language family as Africans.

The Niger Congo languages are one of the world’s largest language families, with the largest geographical area and number of speakers in Africa.

Igala is a Defoid language belonging to the Yoruboid branch. A branch of the Benue Congo language family is the defoid languages. The Igala and Itsekiri groups of south-western Nigeria make up this region. Yoruba, the most frequently spoken member, is the source of the name.

It is also noteworthy, at first glance, that the Igala and the Yoruba have nearly identical views on God. There is a fine line between the correct and incorrect pronunciation of terms that portray divinities and their attributes.

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