Facts about Efik Ethnic Group

Facts about Efik Ethnic Group

The Efik people are predominantly found in southern Nigeria and western Cameroon. The Efik are situated in modern-day Cross River State and Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. The Efik speak the Efik language, which is part of the Niger-Congo language group’s Benue–Congo subgroup. In the nineteenth century, the name Efik first appeared in historical writing.

The most widely accepted historical accounts of Efik migration show a movement from Ibom in Arochukwu to Uruan, and then from Uruan to several towns along the lower Cross River.

The Efik wore Raffia loincloths before the arrival of European-styled clothing (Efik: Ndam). The fiber from a palm’s leaf stem was spun into a thread and sewn into clothing and bags.

A white long-sleeved shirt, a long broad soft neckerchief or scarf of pricey cloth (Efik: kpmkpm), and a wrapping knotted around the waist are the typical outfits for men (Efik: Usobo).

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