Facts about Eket Ethnic group

Facts about Eket Ethnic group

Eket tribe is one of the industrious and the second-largest city in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

The people of Eket are thought to have moved from Cameroon during the Bantu stock’s historic migration across Africa.

The migration carried the people to the mouth of the Cross River, where they claim to have established their first colony with Oron people along the Cross River estuary.

Eket possesses a rich and remarkable cultural legacy. The people of Eket and Esit Eket Local Government Area speak “Ekid,” a language that reflects a distinct culture and identity.

There are deposits of mineral resources like clay and oil in Eket, also, timber and plan products are examples of forest resources. Also, Eket indigenous people produce farm crops such as cocoyam, maize, vegetables, yam and maintain. Traditionally, Eket indigenes are farmers, weavers, fishermen, hunters, amongst other agricultural expertise.

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