Facts about Ikom Ethnic Group

Facts about Ikom Ethnic Group

Cross River state is located in Nigeria’s South-South geopolitical enclave, and Ikom local government area is located there. Bisiri, Abakpa, Ukelle, Ukwel, Okuku, Udama Ubug, Akparabong, Abanyum, and Olulumo are among the towns and villages in Ikom LGA, which is surrounded by the LGAs of Ogoja, Boki, Etung, and Obubra.

In the LGA, the languages Ofutop Bakor, Yala, and Ejagham are spoken, and Christianity is the most frequently practiced religion. The Ikom Town Beach is a notable site in the LGA, and the New Yam festival is a famous event hosted there.

Limestone, Basalt, Baryte, and salt are some of the mineral resources found in the Ikom LGA. Agriculture is also thriving in the LGA, with products such as cocoa, banana, plantain, cocoyam, and yam being farmed in significant amounts.

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