How To Color Your Hair At Home

How To Color Your Hair At Home

According to Nexus research, over 43 women color their hair in the United State over the last six months.

However, considering the mass number of different hair colors, different products, and the technicalities that come with coloring hair, it will be quite hard to do it perfectly when it comes to dyeing your hair at home.

Regardless of the hair color you have in mind, be it balayage, blonde, dark brown, highlights auburn, or beyond, we have pro secrets that can make you achieve your dream hair.

However, when it comes to major hair coloring, it requires a lot of processes. The biggest DIY coloring you can do at home, let’s say black to platinum,( or from black to brown) is because this hair coloring doesn’t require much process. If you are intending to move your hair color family to another. It’s best you get this done at a salon, who understands the process involved.

Note: For your hair safety purpose. When dyeing your hair at home, stay within two shades, which is lighter or darker than your current hair color.

Is It Safe to Color Your Hair At Home?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for you to color your hair at home, so far you follow the instructions on the package. However, an exception to this is, if you recently permed your hair. Do not color your hair, if you just recently permed your hair, as both processes can damage your hair.

Bear in mind that treated hair will have a faster effect than normal hair.

What You Will Need.

Below are 7 items you will need if you want to color your hair at home

  1. Disposable shower cap
  2. Handheld mirror
  3. Color brush and bowl
  4. Makeup removing wipes
  5. Latex-free disposable gloves
  6. Clear solid lip balm
  7. The GH Beauty Lab’s best-tested boxed hair color

Now that you’ve gotten all the requirements. Let’s get started, here is how to color your hair at home like a pro.

Select Your Best Shade

You can select your best hair color shade, by going to the store, picking up one like two shades and selecting the one that looks very similar to your hair.

Buy Two Boxes Of Hair Dye

Once you start the process of hair dying, it won’t be ideal if you stop halfway, due to material shortages. So get yourself, two colors of hair dye, to make sure you have sufficient materials. You can always keep the leftover, for another time.

Don’t Mix Shades For A Custom Color

If you aren’t a professional, do not ever try to mix different shades together. The result will always be bad. Even when you stick to a particular color, the result will always be slightly different from what is being seen on the box. The best you can do is to choose a single shade and stick to the instructions on the box.

Don’t Skip The Strand Test

Before you apply the work, on your whole hair, first apply on the strands to see the result it will give, if it will be palatable enough. Many testers and first starters do usually get horror results, like their hair turning orange or grey.

Wear Easy To Remove Clothing

To Avoid your clothes and wear getting stained, wear cloth that will be easy to remove. If it’s convenient, you can go nude, to avoid your clothes getting stained.

Stock Up On Your Gloves

Put on gloves, to prevent your skin from getting stained, after washing the dye off.

Start Dyeing On Dry Hair

It’s not advisable to dye your hair, when it is wet or saturated, as this won’t produce a good result.

Start Dyeing From The Root

The best start for hair dyeing is the hair root. This is because that’s where regrowth occurs and spreads to other parts of the hair. They require good dyeing and processing.

Look Into Two Mirrors

Look into two Mirrors to ensure you do not miss any sport at the back of your hair. Coloring your hair at home can be somehow tricky, if you are not careful enough, you won’t get a perfect result.

Remove Dye Spills Immediately

To ensure you do not get a rough result, always remove Dye Spills Immediately. You can use a wipe to always clean the spills off.

Put On A Shower Cap While You wait.

Put on a shower cap while you wait for the dye to color your hair. This will as well prevent the dye from spilling.

Avoid Water To Make Your Dye Last

Water is the fastest means of hair color fading. Do not allow water to touch your hair, to prevent it from fading in a short period.

Prevent Color From Fading In The Sun

Sun is like a bleaching agent. Always wear a hat or a cap, to prevent your hair from fading in the sun.

This is the simplest guide on how to color your hair at home, if you found this helpful, kindly share it with others.

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