How to make coconut oil

How to make coconut oil

How to make coconut oil is easy and doesn’t require much stress before you achieve your aim. In this article, we’ve added 8 easy steps you will follow to make coconut oil. First and foremost, understand that not all coconut is the same, some produce oil more than others.

Step1: Remove the husk

Steadily hold the coconut and slam on the floor. However, For conveniences, wrap the coconut in a towel, and carefully use a hammer or mallet to break every part of the coconut to avoid water loss from it.

Coconut water is good for the body, it helps you stay hydrated. To ensure you enjoy the water.

 STEP2: Grate The Coconut.

Grate the coconut, with the fine side of a grater.

Using a blender will make the work faster and easier.

STEP3: Soak And Strain

Wash your hands thoroughly. Add about 2-3 cups of water to the blended/grated coconut.

Squeeze the milk out of it. It will be easier when you use cheesecloth.


Pour the coconut milk into a big pot, and let it just warm for a while. 2-3 minutes is okay for the heating. Please do not stir.

STEP5:  Cool

Allow the milk to cool for a while. It’s the best option if you can place it in a fridge.

STEP6: Skim

Once the oil is cool, you will discover that fat would have layered on the surface of the oil. Gently used a spoon to skim it out.

STEP 7: Boil

This boiling process will take a longer time, you are to allow the coconut custard to boil for a minimum of 45 minutes.

As you continue to boil the milk, you will notice a color change. After several boiling, you will notice clear spots (the oil) and a greyish/brownish chunky waste. The oil will gradually separate from the chunky waste, and you can use a spoon to separate the waste away from the oil.

STEP 8: Strain and Cool.

Strain the oil, and cool with either a cheesecloth or sieve. Allow it to cool for a long time, free to use the oil for whatever purpose you want.


It’s quite easy to make Coconut oil, but it doesn’t last for a long time. Keep your oil in a sealed glass container, and keep it inside the fridge for preservation.

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