It is used to measure and weigh various particles of the soil

(i)it should be cleaned after use
(ii)keep in a cool and dry place
(iii)replace the worn out part

Soil fraction | particles diameter (mm)

(i)clay — less than 0.001
(ii)silt — 0.002 — 0.02mm
(iii)fine sand | 0.02 — 0.2mm
(iv)gravel | 8.2 — 2mm

(i)glass jar
(v)soil samples
(vi)measured mesh

They are used for surveying

A — measuring tape
B — arrows or peg

A – ; it is usually made of liner or fine steel sheet , marked on one side with numeric units and with imperial unit’s on the other.

B – ; it consists of a series of dumb bell shaped links if steel wires

(i)All instrument must be clean after use
(ii) keep in dry and cool place
(iii)replace worn out parts
(iv)use only for the intended function.

Mammary gland (under)

A – Alveolus
B – small duct
C – gland cistern
D – teat cistern
E – teat
F – teat meatus or sphincter

It aids uninterrupted production of milk to feed the young ones (Animal)

(i) parturition
(ii) lactation

(i) goat — 2(two)
(ii) cattle — 4(four)
(iii) sheep — 2(two)
(iv) pig — 2 lines of 10-14

The process of collecting the product from the under is called milking. That is the act of removing milk from the mammary glands. This can be done by hand or by machine.
;Under Expenses;
Cost of inputs ₦500

Publicity ₦120

Transport expenses ₦620

Wages ₦150

Miscellaneous expenses ₦40

Rent ₦50

Total ₦1,480

;Under Income;
Produce ₦120

Sales of produce ₦840

Value of crop on the Field ₦450/₦1,410


Net loss ₦1,480

(i)reduce his expenses
(ii)increase his production
(iii)proper planing
(iv)improve in his farming activities and operation

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