Waec Biology Practical Answers 2023

Waec Biology Practical Answers 2023

Here is the waec biology practical Answers for 2023


(i) Small in size
(ii) Soft shell
(iii) Pale yellowish

(i) Large in size
(ii) Hard shell
(iii) Brownish

A – Chordata
B – Angiosperm

A -Pisces
B – Aves
C – Mammalia
D – Dicotyledon

It helps in reproduction


(i) Air Space
(ii) Yolk
(iii) Albumen

(i) Respiration
(ii) It provides nutrition
(iii) It serves as reservoir

A – Aquatic
B – Terrestrial
D – Terrestrial


– Orange
– Coconut
– Chilli pepper

– Orange Fruit: Flower —-> Pollination —-> Fruit Development —-> Maturity —-> Harvest —-> Consumption or Seed Production.

– Coconut Fruit: Flower —-> Pollination —-> Fruit Development —-> Maturation on Tree —-> Falling from Tree —-> Collection —-> Consumption (Coconut Water, Coconut Meat) or Seed Germination

– Chilli Pepper Fruit: Flower —-> Pollination —-> Fruit Development —-> Maturity on Plant —-> Harvest —-> Consumption or Seed Production

– Oranges are round and typically smaller in size.
– Coconuts are large and elongated.

– Oranges have a textured and dimpled skin with an orange color.
– The outer appearance of a coconut features a brown, fibrous husk.

– When cut open, an orange reveals juicy segmented flesh.
– The longitudinal section of a coconut displays a hard woody shell, white coconut meat, and coconut water.

– Oranges are commonly consumed as a fresh fruit or used for juice.
– Coconuts are often used for their water, milk, and meat in cooking and beverages.

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