Neco Biology practical answers 2021

Neco Biology practical answers 2021

Here is the Neco biology practical answers for 2021. Answers completed.

Neco biology practical

A- Atlas Vertebra
B- Thoracic Vertebra
C- Scapula
D- Lumbar Vertebra

A- Neck Region.
B- Chest Region.
C- Shoulder Region.
D- Upper Abdomen.

Under Specimen A
(1) It has short neural Spine.
(2) Vertebrabateria Canal is Present.

Under Specimen D
(1) It has board and neural Spine.
(2) Vertebrabateria Canal is Present.

(1) They both have neural canal.
(2) They both possess centrum.

I – spirogyra
J – Okro fruit
K – mango fruit
L – Tick
M – Bean weevil


(i)their bodies are characterised by multicellular filaments
(ii)it is an unbranched, filamentous green algae occuring in stagnant water

-Under specimen J-
(i)seed are small
(ii)many seeded
(iii)anile placentation

-Under specimen K-
(i)seed in large
(ii)one seeded
(iii)Basal placentation

L – class arachnid
M – class insect

L; cause stress in animals affected by bites, blood losses that can lead to anemia and even death

M; they make holes in the plants to oviposition the causing directed and indirect damage

Diagram of specimen K

-Under specimen L-
(i)pear shaped body
(ii)approximately 3 to 5 mm in length to age, species


-Under specimen M-
(i)general compact and oral in shape
(ii)size range from 1 to 22mm

N – cactus plant
O – water lettuce
P – soldier termite

N – Terrestrial habitat/forest
O – Aquatic habitat
P – Terrestrial habitat

Adaptive features of N (cactus)
(i)presence of spines to reduce water loss
(ii)presence of succulent stems to conserve water.
(iii)present of thick and waxy skin to reduce loss of water

Adoptive features of O (water lettuce)
(i)presence of air space for bouyancy
(ii)presence of numerous root or absorption of mineral salt
(iii)presence of more stomata on upper surface for diffusion of CO²

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Diagram of specimen P

(i)it increases humus content of the soil
(ii)it increases penetration of water in the soil by burrowing

(i)defending the colony against enemies



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