WAEC Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2020

WAEC Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2020

The Waec biology specimen 2020 for Waec Biology practical questions and answers can be seen here. The West African Examination Council, WAEC Biology practical paper will be written on Monday, 31st August, 2020.

The Biology 3 Practical exam will hold from 09:30 am to 11:30 am (1st Set) and from 12:00 noon to 02:00 pm (2nd Set). We are writing this post to show the Waec biology specimen from provided yellow paper, Waec biology practical drawings and materials that was used in the WAEC biology practical exam past questions and syllabus.



WAEC Biology Specimen 2020 Practical:

Specimen A – Thermometer
Specimen B – Rain guage
Specimen C – Meter rule
Specimen D – Sweep net
Specimen E – Wind vane
Specimen F – Quadrat
Specimen G – Filter paper
Specimen H – Quill feather
Specimen J – Palm frond (freshly procured)
Specimen P – Male cockroach
Specimen Q – Grasshopper
Specimen R – Small mammal /Rat/ Mouse.

WAEC Biology Practical Questions-Answers:

Paper 3 (Practical)
Answer… questions.
Write your answers in the spaces provided.

Question 1: Study specimens A, B, C and E and use them to answer the questions that follows.

a. (i) Name the quantities which each of specimens A, B, C and E measures.
(ii) Name the SI units of specimens A, B, C and E.
b. Name the…
c.State three observable similarities between specimens Q and R.

Question 2:
Study carefully specimens P and Q and use them to answer 2(a) to 2(c)
a. (i) What class of organisms do specimens P and Q each belong to?
(ii) State the number of legs present in specimens P and Q each.
(iii) In a tabular form, state three differences between specimens P and Q.
b. State two ways each in which specimen Q is of economic importance.
c. Make a drawing, 8 – 10 cm long of the lateral or dorsal view of Specimen P and label fully. [Hint: Lateral means the side view while Dorsal means viewing from the top]

Question 3: a. Name the life process in mammals that is associated with specimen R.
b. (i) State three observable differences between specimens H and J.
(ii) Name four…
c. Make a drawing, 10 – 12 cm long of the dorsal view of Specimen H and label fully.
d. (i) State four effects …
(ii) In a tabular form, state four differences between specimen Q and R.
(iii) Outline one way in which specimen Q is of importance to farmers.

The details of the WAEC Biology practical drawings and answers will be made available to you candidates as soon as it is released. Keep following this page and make sure you bookmark this site for reference purposes.

Note that this is basically a past question. once the main 2020 answers are out we will notify you, all you need to do is join our whatsapp groupchat or telegram

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