How To Plop Your Hair

How To Plop Your Hair

We are quite aware that you will be confused about what plopping is all about.

However, hair plopping is easy to learn, that’s if you will adopt our ways of doing it. All needed to do this is a little fabric garnished with adequate patience.

Stepwise Process On How To Plop Hair.

Step1: Do not worry about going to the market to purchase clothes to learn this process. Just look around the house and get a soft piece of cloth that won’t scratch the strands of your hair.

STEP2: The next step is to clean your hair with water. Use water to wash your hair, then apply your favorite curly hair cream. You can then use a jersey or microfiber cloth to remove excess water.

Step3: After this, proceed to lay the fabric on your bed or a flat surface. Make sure the fabric is nearly spread, bend slowly, and lower your hair into the fabric material

Step4: Once your hair has made contact with the fabric, gently use the fabric to wrap your hair. Tuck it in properly to make sure everywhere is well covered.

STEP5: Tie up every loose end.

Step6: let your curl hairs form for like 20-30mins. If you are less busy, you can leave it for a longer time. The fabric will let your hair be curly, and not risk frizzy hair.

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